Brachotte, Sandrine

Brachotte, Sandrine

Sandrine Brachotte is a doctoral student at Sciences Po Law School, where she studies private international law as an analytical legal framework for globalisation, under the supervision of Prof. Horatia Muir Watt.

Graduated from the Master in Public Law (Droit Public) at Brussels University (Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and from the European Master in Human Rights and Democratisation (E.MA Master) of the European Inter-University Centre (EIUC), she qualified as a lawyer in Belgium where she worked for three years in international arbitration and private international law. She further was involved in legal research and EU advocacy work in business and human rights and development at A4ID (London) and Frank Bold (Brussels).

After having attended the Course of Private International Law of the Hague Academy last summer with a merit-based award, Sandrine was a visiting PhD researcher for the academic year 2017-2018, at University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, under the supervision of Karen Knop. Since she came back to Paris in September 2018, she has been part of the Pilagg team. For the academic year 2019-2020, she was recruited for the position of ATER (research-teaching fellow) at Sciences Po Law School.


  • Elective Course of Human Rights, Sciences Po, Paris
  • Elective Course of International Arbitration, Sciences Po, Reims
  • Seminars of Public International Law, Sciences Po, Reims
  • Seminars of Political Institutions, Sciences Po, Collège Universitaire, Reims
  • Seminars of Private International Law, Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Brussels
  • Teaching Assistant of Law and Global Governance, Sciences Po Law School, Paris
  • Monitor of Research Students (PIR programme), Sciences Po Law School, Paris
  • Tutor of Clinique Students, Sciences Po Law School, Paris
Spécialités / Fields of Expertise : 
  • Private International Law
  • Human Rights
  • Law, Economy and Culture
Publications : 
  • S. Brachotte. Repenser les cas « insolubles » : des rationalités entremêlées vues par le droit international privé. In H. Muir Watt, D. Fernandez Arroyo, L. Bizikova and A. Brandao de Oliveira (eds). Le Tournant Global en Droit International Privé. Paris: Pédone 2019 (forthcoming).
  • S. Brachotte. ‘Linkages and Boundaries in Private and Public International Law’ by V. Ruiz Abou-nigm et al. Rev. crit. DIP 2019/1 p. 283-290.
  • S. Brachotte. Intermingled Rationalities in ‘Unsolvable Cases’. In H. Muir Watt, D. Fernandez Arroyo, L. Bizikova and A. Brandao de Oliveira (eds). Global Private International Law : Adjudication without Frontiers. Edward Elgar Publishing 2019 p. 190-200.
  • S. Brachotte and A. Nuyts. Jurisdiction over cyber torts under the Brussels l Regulation. In Andrej Savin and Jan Trzaskowski (eds) Research Handbook on EU Internet Law. Edward Elgar Publishing 2014 p. 231-253. 


  • European Master in Human Rights and Democratisation Thesis, 2012: Corporate Accountability for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Abuses Committed Abroad: Foreign Victims’ Access to Remedy in Home States. An Assessment of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands regarding the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the Maastricht Principles on Extraterritorial Obligations of States in the Area of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Supervised by Prof. Fons Coomans (Maastricht University).
  • ULB Master in Public Law Thesis, 2011: Les aménagements raisonnables en matière religieuse au Québec: analyse tournée vers les conséquences du fédéralisme canadien (Religious Reasonable Accommodation in Quebec: An Analysis Focused on the Consequences of the Canadian Federalism). Supervised by Prof. Isabelle Rorive.


2012: Ganshof Van der Meersch Prize, awarded to the best student of Bachelor and Master’s studies in public law who graduated in 2011 from the Master in law of the Faculty of Law of ULB.

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