Competencia Internacional de Arbitraje

Competencia Internacional de Arbitraje

  • L. Vazzoler, M. Zambrano, C. de la Sota, M. Segura et D. P. Fernández ArroyoL. Vazzoler, M. Zambrano, C. de la Sota, M. Segura et D. P. Fernández Arroyo

“One week of hearings before an arbitral tribunal in a peculiar case opposing a fictional state to three companies, in a context of corruption and with facts that remain unexplained… This is how the Colombian adventure we just came back from can be summarised. It is nevertheless difficult to express in a few lines how much we learnt, and the unique moments we spent throughout this competition.

We left Bogotá proud of our accomplishments, having reached the quarterfinals, and with the prize of best memorandum in defence.

We are delighted to have been able to participate in the most prestigious arbitration moot in Spanish, representing Sciences Po, the only European university competing. This XIth edition was returning to Bogotá after five years, following stops in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Santiago de Chile, and Lima. It gathered 52 universities from 15 countries in the Colombian capital from September 27th to October 1st.

We first of all wish to thank professor Diego P. Fernández Arroyo for enabling us to live this experience, and for his continuous support. Many thanks as well to the Law School for its valuable help.

We also wish to thank in particular Élise Roussel who guided us, encouraged us and trained us for both the written and oral phases. But also Ana Cuartero de Vidiella for her work and invaluable help in preparing the hearings, as well as Diana Warszawski, whom we were delighted to have in the team for the written phase. Finally, thank you to Paloma Garcia Guerra, Juan Camilo Macías Gómez and Maël Deschamps for their support and advice.

We are also extremely grateful to Dechert for its support, which allowed us to represent Sciences Po again in this competition.

Finally, we are thankful to the organising committee, who made us feel at home in Bogotá.

We wish all the best to the team that will represent Sciences Po next year for the XIIth edition to be held in Asuncion, Paraguay!"

Marine Segura, Catalina de la Sota, Lennart Vazzoler et Matias Zambrano

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