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The Intensive DOCTORAL Week (IDW)

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Initiated in 2011 and successfully continued last year, the Intensive Doctoral Week is a co-organised initiative by Sciences Po Law School and the Law and Political Science Doctoral School of Paris Nanterre University.

The IDW further enhances its collaboration with universities worldwide. The Doctoral Programs of Kent Law School, University of Turin, University of Perugia, London School of Economics (LSE), SOAS University of London, Universidad de los Andes, The Perelman Centre for Legal Philosophy of the Free University of Brussels (ULB) are associated with the event. 

Limited to a small number of PhD candidates coming from those institutions and other Law Schools, the Intensive Doctoral Week is conceived as a teaching Lab. Its aim is to enable candidates to present their research topics, discuss their work and be confronted with the ideas of renowned Law professors, both from France and abroad. The week is composed of events which can take many different forms, such as conferences or presentations from PhD students, workshops on chosen topics, reading groups, panels, informal discussions in small groups, or one-to-one meetings. Subjects will come from various areas of the law, but will always be treated in a general way in order to arouse curiosity from all students, even if they work on other fields.

Registered students will have to participate to all the working sessions. Registration is free. The two working languages are French and English.


The Graduate Conference will take place on the 20th of June 2019, during the Law School’s Intensive Doctoral Week that will run from the 17th to the 21st of June 2019 at Sciences Po, in Paris.

It will revolve around the question: “Can interdisciplinary work in Law be undertaken without being marginal?”. The Conference will be divided in two parts. The first will consist in an investigation of the extent to which inter-disciplinarity, as opposed to multi-disciplinarity and trans-disciplinarity, actually strengthens disciplinary boundaries. More generally, we hope to foster a better understanding of the relationship between the legal self and its other. The second part will be an attempt to examine in more depth the possible interactions and conflicts between Law and Science.   

The organizational committee of Sciences Po Law School 8th Graduate Conference is composed as follows: Clarisse Anceau, Elie Aslanoff, Lucie Dupin, Sarah Glaser, Louis Hill, Megan Ma and Léo Pascault.


The IGLP’s global Workshop


Sciences Po Law School will be the co-sponsor of the annual workshop organized by Harvard’s Institute for Global Law and Policy (IGLP). This event is an intensive ten day residential program designed for doctoral and post-doctoral scholars aiming to promote innovative ideas and alternative approaches to issues of global law, economic policy and social justice in the aftermath of the economic crisis.

Directed by a team of Harvard faculty, and notably by Professor David Kennedy (Faculty Director of the Institute), the workshop aims to bring together specialists from across the arts and sciences as well as the professional schools who are interested in the intersections between law, economics and global policy.

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