PhD Program

The Law School has engaged in an intense research program coordinated by a proactive scientific community, fully integrated in the international networks of academic excellence. At the heart of this activity, Sciences Po Law School offers an ambitious PhD program, located in the Sciences Po Graduate School. This program, fostered by a small but active and open-minded, is based on an elaborate network of foreign professors and on strong and frequent collaborations with prestigious partner universities (including Harvard Law School, McGill Law School, Kyoto School of Law, etc).

An outstanding curriculum

The PhD program of the Law School, within the Sciences Po Doctoral School, offers an outstanding curriculum to master and doctoral students who wish to carry out research in law and pursue academic careers.

This program, which is voluntarily open to a limited number of students, appeals to humble and bold minds wishing to bring a significant theoretical contribution to the understanding of juridical phenomena in a given field of law.

The program seeks to supervise, to train, over the years, excellent and meticulous researchers in law, with technical as well as theoretical knowledge, well-versed in diverse methods and perspectives, open to multidisciplinary and non disciplinary approaches to law, as well as to diverse legal cultures.

To achieve this goal, the proposed program relies on the knowledge of techniques, concepts, and fundamental means of legal reasoning; on the rigorous and critical approach to the tools used to theorize law; on the adoption of a comparative and global point of view on legal subjects; all of these being considered means of nourishing the argument against dogmatism, and of stimulating vigorous, innovative and pertinent thoughts.

Excellent conditions for research

The program provides PhD candidates excellent research facilities (workstation; access to Sciences Po library, etc). PhD candidates also benefit from financial support (financial support for the three years of the PhD curriculum). Furthermore, the program being voluntarily open to a very limited number of students, each of them is really attended to. Professors, who all attach very strong importance to scientific discussions and debate, are extremely accessible and students enrolled in the program are regularly associated to the scientific events organized by SPLS scientific community (workshops, seminars...).

The language of the program is either French or English. Fluency in either of these languages is required.

One year is spent in partner universities

Most of the students will spend a year of the program abroad to pursue his/her research and discover other theoretical approaches developed in partner universities. The partner universities are among the best universities for research in law.

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Dina Waked
Doctoral Program Director  
Associate professor at Sciences Po
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Françoise Bobrie
Administrative officer
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