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Due to the international nature of the Sciences Po Law School's faculty, some biographies are only available in French.

Abdelsalam, Mohamed R.

 Abdelsalam, Mohamed R.Mohamed R. Abdelsalam, Judge, Egyptian Council of State, is a PhD candidate at Sciences Po Law School. He is conducting a comparative research on Judicial Interpretations of human rights under the constitutional Sharia Principles and International... Go to profile

Anceau, Clarisse

Clarisse Anceau is a PhD candidate at Sciences Po Law School working on a feminist approach to the right of peoples to self-determination. Drawing on critical feminist legal theories, she examines the intersection between national and individual... Go to profile

Antunes Madeira da Silva, Filipe

Antunes Madeira da Silva, FilipeFilipe Antunes Madeira Da Silva  is a doctoral researcher in Sciences Po Law School. He works on natural resources exploitation and international law from a critical and historical perspective. His doctoral thesis proposes an international... Go to profile


Aslanoff, ElieElie Aslanoff est doctorant à l’École de droit de Sciences po. Il effectue une thèse consacrée aux origines socialistes du droit économique sous la direction de Julie Saada et Mikhaïl Xifaras. Dans le cadre de cette thèse, il étudie la théorie... Go to profile


Vittoria BECCIVittoria is an Italian PhD candidate at Sciences Po Law School. She has a master's degree in Political Philosophy from Universidad Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and a laurea magistrale in Law from Università Cattolica in Milano. Through law and... Go to profile

Berthold, Gabriel-Arnaud

Avocat au Barreau du Québec, Gabriel-Arnaud Berthold a travaillé pour le ministère de la justice de l'Alberta, ainsi que pour la Commission des Droits de la Personne et des Droits de la Jeunesse du Québec. En 2013 et 2014, il a occupé le poste d'... Go to profile

Blanche, Géraldine

Géraldine Blanche, de nationalité franco-panaméenne, prépare actuellement à l'École de droit de Sciences Po une thèse sur le droit de la propriété intellectuelle et l'industrie de la mode sous la direction du Professeur Michel Vivant. Diplômée... Go to profile

Bouayad, Aurélien

Bouayad, AurélienAurelien Bouayad is a Ph.D. Candidate at Sciences Po Paris Law School. Aurelien received a M.A. in Law from Sciences Po Paris (2011), a M.A. in Social and Cultural Anthropology from EHESS (2012), and a B.A. in Philosophy from Paris-Sorbonne (2012).... Go to profile

Brachotte, Sandrine

Brachotte, SandrineSandrine Brachotte is a doctoral student at Sciences Po Law School, where she studies private international law as an analytical legal framework for globalisation, under the supervision of Prof. Horatia Muir Watt. Graduated from the Master in Public... Go to profile

Charaudeau Santomauro, Bastien

Bastien is a Franco-Argentinian PhD candidate at Sciences Po Law School. His research operates an interdisciplinary analysis of the linkages between security, borders and migrants, and their effect on the migrant condition through the case-study of... Go to profile


Alice DartevelleAlice Dartevelle is currently a PhD researcher at Sciences Po Law School, under the supervision of Professor Régis Bismuth.  Her research deals with the judicialization of access to medications. It mainly focuses on the role of judges and... Go to profile

Dupin, Lucie

Lucie Dupin, de nationalité française, est doctorante contractuelle à l’École de droit de Sciences Po. Elle prépare depuis septembre 2018 une thèse interdisciplinaire intitulée L’inceste consenti. Aspects juridiques et moraux, sous la direction du... Go to profile

Glaser, Sarah Marthe

Sarah Glaser is a PhD candidate at Sciences Po Law School under the supervision of Professor Azoulai. Her research deals with the interaction between the market and scientific innovation in the biomedical field. This work stands at the crossroads of... Go to profile

Grosdidier, Jean

Jean Grosdidier’s dissertation explores the developments of “monetary constitutionalism” in the Eurozone. He is doing his Ph.D. under the supervision of Pr. Guillaume Tusseau. Jean holds a Master degree in Public Law from University Paris 2 Panthéon... Go to profile

Guerry, Anaïs

Guerry, AnaïsAnaïs Guerry is a PhD Candidate at Sciences Po Law School in Paris. Her research is supported by the French Agency for Energy Management (ADEME), the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI) and by Energycities, a... Go to profile

Hassani, Amina

Amina Hassani, de nationalité franco-algérienne, est doctorante à l'École de droit de Sciences Po. Elle travaille sous la direction du Professeur Horatia Muir Watt sur les mythes et représentations en arbitrage international. Diplômée d'un... Go to profile

Herrera, Joachim-Nicolas

Joachim-Nicolas Herrera is a Ph.D. Candidate in Law, working under the supervision of Prof. Louis Assier-Andrieu, in the borderland between law, history, anthropology and economics. His research focuses on how economic reasoning affects legal... Go to profile

Hill, Louis

Louis Hill is a Franco-British Ph.D. candidate at Sciences Po Law School. His work, supervised by Professor Sébastien Pimont, aims at providing a legal answer to the disappearance of resonance in hypermodern life. To do so, his thesis attempts to... Go to profile

Imbert, Louis

Imbert, LouisLouis Imbert, a French-American national, has been a doctoral candidate at Sciences Po Law School since September 2017. He is writing a doctoral dissertation entitled “The Constitution of Foreigners: A Comparative Analysis of Discourses of... Go to profile

Kang, Ishupal Singh

Ishupal Singh Kang, originally from India, is a doctoral candidate at Sciences Po Law School. The title of his research project is: “Distributive Equity Perspective of Intellectual Property Globalization: The Case of Copyright Protection and Access... Go to profile


Judith is a Ugandan doctoral candidate at Sciences Po Law School. Her thesis, "The scope of the Obligation to Respect and Ensure Respect for the Geneva Conventions in Non-International Armed Conflicts,” focuses on the nature and content of Common... Go to profile

Le Meur, Oona

Oona Le Meur did her Undergraduate in Sciences-Po from 2010 to 2013 before moving to London and enroll in an MSc of “Law, Anthropology and Society” at the London School of Economics (LSE) under the direction of Prof. Alain Pottage. Her dissertation... Go to profile

Lefkopoulou, Nefeli

Lefkopoulou, NefeliNefeli is currently working on Evidence in Comparative Constitutional Adjudication under the supervision of Professor Guillaume Tusseau. She holds the position of A.T.E.R. at the University of Paris 1- Panthéon Sorbonne. She taught Political... Go to profile

Ma, Megan

Megan Ma is currently a PhD candidate in Law at the Sciences Po Law School, under the supervision of Professor Horatia Muir Watt. Megan's research is primarily focused on the implications of artificial intelligence, machine learning and algorithmic... Go to profile


Arnaud Miranda est doctorant en théorie politique, affilié à l’École de droit de Sciences Po. Depuis septembre 2019, sous la direction de J. Saada, il prépare une thèse sur le sujet « Théories de la décadence et ontologie de la démocratie ». Après... Go to profile

Miyar, Ghazal

Ghazal Miyar is a doctorate student at Sciences Po under the supervision of Professor Mikhail Xifaras. The topic of the dissertation is a multi-inter-disciplinary combination of modern human rights, linguistics an decoloniality as a response to... Go to profile

Pascault, Léo

Léo Pascault is a Ph.D. candidate at the Sciences Po Law School, working under the supervision of Professor Séverine Dusollier.His research investigates the regulation of derivative creativity by copyright law, both in France and in the United... Go to profile

Petrova, Darina

Petrova, DarinaDarina Petrova is a PhD candidate at Sciences PO Law School, working under the supervision of Professor Jean d’Aspremont. Her research is situated in the intersection between critical legal studies, science and technology studies (STS) and... Go to profile

Petti, Alessandro

Alessandro holds an LLM in Comparative, European and International Laws from the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence and a MA in EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies from the College of Europe in Bruges. He also studied... Go to profile

Saul, Nicholas

Nicholas G.S. Saul is a Franco-American PhD candidate at the Sciences Po Law School. His research focuses on the legal form of decentralized organizations and their impact on public governance. In doing so, he aims to observe emerging phenomena of... Go to profile

Sousa Rodrigues, Bruno

Sousa Rodrigues, BrunoBruno Sousa Rodrigues is a PhD candidate at Sciences Po Law School, working under the supervision of Professor Diego P. Fernández Arroyo. His research is focused on transnational conflicts of law and the theory of arbitration. Bruno holds a master’s... Go to profile

Tsoumani, Eirini

Tsoumani, EiriniEirini Tsoumani est doctorante à l’École de droit de Sciences Po et occupe un poste d’Attachée temporaire d’enseignement et de recherche (A.T.E.R.) en droit public à l’Université de Cergy-Pontoise. Sa thèse porte sur le rôle du juge grec de la... Go to profile

Upreti, Patryush Nath

Upreti, Patryush NathPratyush Nath Upreti is a Lawyer admitted to the Nepal Bar Council. He is a Doctoral Researcher at Sciences Po Law School, Paris. He is working on the intersection between intellectual property and international investment law under the supervision... Go to profile

Wang, Ophélie

Wang, OphélieOphélie Wang has been a Ph.D. student at Sciences Po Law School since 2013, under the supervision of Professor Michel Vivant. Her research interests focus on the way copyright laws comprehend the human body. After three years of undergraduate... Go to profile

Wu, Liangjian

Liangjian WU, coming from Mainland China, is a Ph.D. candidate in public law in Sciences Po Paris since 2014. He is currently preparing a dissertation on “Power Re-allocation in Chinese and French Budgetary Reform and the Transition of their... Go to profile

Yasar, Ayse Gizem

Ayse Gizem is a PhD Candidate at Sciences Po Law School in Paris. Her research, supervised by Dr Dina Waked, focuses on disruptive innovation and competition law. She holds an MJur degree from the University of Oxford, where she wrote her... Go to profile

Yildirim, Zeynep

Yildirim, ZeynepZeynep YILDIRIM is a graduate of Galatasaray University where she obtained a Diploma in Law and an LLM. Having been awarded a Jean Monnet Scholarship by the European Commission, she received an LLM in Banking Law and Financial Regulation from the... Go to profile

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