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Due to the international nature of the Sciences Po Law School's faculty, some biographies are only available in French.

Aseeva, Anna

Aseeva, AnnaDr. Anna Aseeva is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law, Higher School of Economics-Moscow. In February 2012 Anna has started her PhD at the Sciences Po Law School that she successfully defended in February 2016. She also holds a... Go to profile

Bonetto, Diego

Bonetto, DiegoPh.D. candidate at Sciences Po Law School and at the University of Turin Law School doing a joint Ph.D. under the supervision of Professor Loïc Azoulai and of Professor Pier Giuseppe Monateri, Diego Bonetto is conducting a “Comparative Research on... Go to profile

Briatta, Marion

Marion Briatta, a French national, obtained a Masters degree from the Center for International Intellectual Property Studies of Strasbourg and is the holder of a diploma in Legal Advice for Businesses (DJCE). She has been an exchange student at the... Go to profile


Juanita Ceesay a soutenu sa thèse intitulée "A Law and Development Analysis of Parallel Law Systems within the Natural Resources Sector in Africa" en Novembre 2018 sous la direction du Professeur Jeremy Perelman. Go to profile

Corcodel, Veronica

Corcodel, VeronicaVeronica Corcodel is a Postdoctoral Fellow that joined the Chair of Excellence held by Loïc Azoulai Forms of Life and Legal Integration in Europe (FOLIE) in May 2016. She is also part of the pedagogical team of the Migration Clinic of Sciences... Go to profile

Cornut St-Pierre, Pascale

Cornut St-Pierre, PascalePascale Cornut St-Pierre is Doctor from Sciences Po Law School, Paris. She holds a B.A. (2007) and a M.A. (2009) in philosophy from the Université de Montréal, as well as an integrated degree in civil law and common law from McGill University (B.C.L... Go to profile

Devaux, Caroline

Caroline DevauxCaroline Devaux is doctor from Sciences Po Law School, where she completed a PhD on transnational commercial law under the supervision of Professor Horatia Muir Watt (November 2016). Caroline holds a MJur from the University of Oxford and a master... Go to profile


Delphine Dogot defended her PhD thesis at Sciences Po in June 2018 under the supervision of Professor Benoît Frydman. Her dissertation is entitled: "Métamorphoses juridiques de la guerre. Vers une régulation de la sécurité globale par la gestion du... Go to profile

Du, Kangping

Kangping DuKangping Du is a Doctor of Sciences Po Law School. He defended a thesis under the supervision of Professor Diego Fernandez Arroyo entitled "A Reconstruction of Fair and Equitable Treatment form the Perspective of Human Rights Protection". He... Go to profile

Dumesnil, Choralyne

Dumesnil, ChoralyneChoralyne Dumesnil (PhD) Sciences Po Law School, is a Lawyer at the Paris Bar. Her fields of expertise are intellectual property law (PhD and Intership at specialised court in Paris) as well as sexual and domestic violence litigation (Training... Go to profile

Estèves, Natacha

Estèves, NatachaNatacha Estèves is currently preparing a Ph.D. on collaborative and open models in Patents under the supervision of professors Michel Vivant and Mikhail Xifaras at Sciences Po Law School in Paris. She completed a Master of Research in International... Go to profile

Ferrando, Tomaso

Ferrando, TomasoDr. Tomaso Ferrando is Assistant professor of International Economic Law at the University of Warwick Law School. He is also a Research Associate at the International University College of Turin and Associate Editor of Global Jurist. Before... Go to profile

Florou, Aikaterini

Florou, AikateriniAikaterini Florou obtained her PhD in December 2017. The topic of her dissertation, which she wrote under the supervision of Professor Diego Fernández Arroyo, is "Contractual Renegotiations and International Investment Arbitration: A Relational... Go to profile

Gosme, Charles

Gosme, CharlesCharles Gosme is a is doctor from Sciences Po Law School. He holds an undergraduate degree in English Law and French Law from University College London (2008) and a postgraduate degree in European Affairs from Sciences Po Paris (2010). The third... Go to profile

Hoffman, Steven J.

Hoffman, Steven J.Steven J. Hoffman a obtenu son doctorat en droit à Sciences Po en 2016. Maintenant, il est directeur du Labo de stratégie mondiale, professeur agrégé de droit, de médecine et d’affaires publiques et internationales à l’Université d’Ottawa, ainsi que... Go to profile

Isailovic, Ivana

Ivana Isailovic, with Serbian and French nationalities, is preparing a thesis on extraterritoriality under direction of Professor Horatia Muir Watt. A graduate of the Master 1 in International Law from the Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, she... Go to profile

Ivanel, Bogdan

Ivanel, BogdanBogdan Ivanel holds a Master in Russian and Eastern European Studies from the University of Oxford (2010) and a Master in Public International Law from Utrecht University (2011). He has been a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley (2012-2013). He holds is... Go to profile

Kim, Areum

Areum Kim, de nationalité coréenne, est diplômée de l’Université Yonsei. Spécialisée en droit financier, elle a travaillé comme économiste à la Banque de Corée. Elle a soutenu sa thèse intitulée "Financial Advice and Consumer Protection" en octobre... Go to profile

Lin, Ching-Lang

Ching-Lang, LinLin Ching-Lang, educated at National Taïwan University in Taïwan, specializes in administrative law. He worked as judge in Taïwan Taichung District Court for 7 years. Go to profile

Rinaldi, Alberto

Alberto RinaldiAlberto is an Italian doctoral candidate at Sciences Po Law School. His thesis, "From Foreign Volunteers to Enemies of Humanity: Making ‘Foreign Fighters’ in International Law", focuses on the legal construction of the ‘foreign fighter’ in twentieth... Go to profile

Schinazi, Mikael

Mikael Schinazi Mikaël Schinazi completed his Ph.D. in Law under the supervision of Professors Emmanuel Gaillard and Mikhaïl Xifaras. His thesis examined the modern history and evolution of international commercial arbitration. Mikaël holds a B.A., magna cum laude... Go to profile

Senegacnik, Alexandre

Alexandre Senegacnik, French and German citizen is a Ph.D. candidate at Sciences Po Law School conducting research on investment treaty interpretation under the joint supervision of Professor Diego P. Fernandez Arroyo and Professor Emmanuel Gaillard... Go to profile

Shams, Bamdad

Bamdad Shams is doctor from Sciences Po Law School, where he completed his Ph.D. in Private International Law under the supervision of Professor Horatia Muir Watt (July 2019). His thesis is entitled: “Conflict of laws and private production of... Go to profile

Sheffi, Nofar

Nofar Sheffi is a Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, UNSW Sydney. Intersecting contract, critical and media theory, her work explores various technologies of government, the constitution of domains and the internal dynamics of online marketplaces.... Go to profile

Trilha Schappo, Kellen

Trilha Schappo, KellenKellen Trilha Schappo is a doctoral candidate at Sciences Po Law School since 2011, and since 2015 she is a fellow researcher and a contract lecturer at Bocconi University (Italy). In 2014 she got the Fellows in Rio grant provided by... Go to profile

Vern, Flora

Flora Vern defended her PhD thesis at Sciences Po in October 2018, under supervision from Professor Philippe Jacques. Her dissertation is entitled: “Juristic Objects: A Study in the Law of Things”. She holds a BA in social sciences from Tallinn... Go to profile

Vilasboas Reis, Tarcila

First Doctor in Law at Sciences Po Law School under the supervision of Pr. Jean-Bernard Auby "Administrative Policy Law - A Comparative Institutional Analysis of State Reform in Chile, Brazil and Argentina" A lawyer in Brazil, Tarcila Reis earned a... Go to profile

Zhu, Mingzhe

Zhu, MingzheZHU Mingzhe is a Chinese citizen. His dissertation is on The Natural Law Theories in the Development of Civil Law Theories from 1880-1930 in France, under the supervision of Professors Christophe Jamin, Frédéric Audren and Mikhaïl Xifaras. He is now... Go to profile

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