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Due to the international nature of the Sciences Po Law School's faculty, some biographies are only available in French.

Bozzo-Rey, Malik

  • Interpretation and drafting of laws and codes
  • The place of logic and language in the formation of legal discourse
  • Legal logic
  • The statute of norms
  • Conditions of the possibility of the construction of a general legal theory
  • The links between naturalism, legal positivism, normativism, contractivism and realism
  • The methods of practical reasoning
  • The links between ethics and law
  • International law
  • Sovereignty
  • Justice
  • Methods of political decision making
  • Theories in public policy

Brunon-Ernst, Anne

  • Cassical Utilitarianism (J. Bentham and JS Mill)
  • Panopticsm, Biopolitics and Governmentality (M. Foucault)
  • Normativities (indirect legislation, nudges, choice architecture, behavioural insights)
  • Law and language

De Champs, Emmanuelle

  • La pensée constitutionnelle de Jeremy Bentham
  • Les manuscrits français de Jeremy Bentham
  • L'héritage de l'utilitarisme dans l'histoire des idées depuis l'époque victorienne
  • Les humanités numériques

Van Lith, Hélène

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