Louis Imbert, a French-American national, has been a doctoral candidate at Sciences Po Law School since September 2017. He is writing a doctoral dissertation entitled "The Constitution of Foreigners: A Comparative Analysis of Discourses of Constitutional Judges", under the supervision of professors Guillaume Tusseau and Serge Slama. He was granted a doctoral scholarship by the Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques (2017-2020).

Omar Kamel is a Doctoral Researcher and Lecturer at the Sciences Po Law School in Paris, where he teaches public international law and armed conflicts. His PhD thesis, supervised by Professor Jean d’Aspremont, appraises the sway of media discourse on the laws of war, and the outcomes of armed conflicts in the Middle East.

Bastien Charaudeau Santomauro is a French-Argentinian PhD candidate at Sciences Po Law School, a Fox International Fellow at Yale University, and a Fellow of the French Collaborative Institute on Migrations (ICM). His research articulates an interdisciplinary analysis (legal ethnography, doctrinal analysis and legal theory) of the legal processes of marginalization of migrants at the border. He works in particular on the case of the French-Italian border where he does his fieldwork.

Alice Dartevelle is currently a PhD researcher at Sciences Po Law School, under the supervision of Professor Régis Bismuth. Her research investigates the legal infrastructure of the political economy of access to medicines as well as the legal levers that can be mobilized to reduce the main deficiencies of this model.

Alexia Katsiginis is a PhD candidate at Sciences Po Law School, under the supervision of Professor Helena Alviar García. She has a master’s degree in Public International Law from the London School of Economic and Political Sciences, and a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Pretoria.

Arié Lévy is a Ph.D. candidate at the Sciences Po Law School, under the supervision of professors Sébastien Pimont and Mikhaïl Xifaras. His research focuses on the principle of legal certainty. He is more specifically interested in the rise of this principle as the symptom of the contemporary refusal of risks and unpredictability. By analyzing the paradoxes which characterize the use of the notion, he aims to better describe the current transformations of legal rationality, through an approach employing critical legal theory and systems theory.

Spécialités / Fields of Expertise : 

His main academic interests include private law, critical legal theories and political philosophy.

Louis Hill is a doctoral student at Sciences Po Law School. He holds a Master in Economic law from Sciences Po Law School (2018), a degree in philosophy from Paris IV (2015) and a degree in social sciences from Sciences Po (2015).

Pengfei Wang is a Ph.D. student at Sciences Po Law School under the supervision of Professor Guillaume Tusseau.

Pengfei obtained his LL.B. and B. Econ. degrees from Peking University and subsequently an LL.M. degree in constitutional and administrative law from the same university.

He visited Sciences Po Paris as an exchange student in the fall of 2018.

Spécialités / Fields of Expertise : 
  • Public law
  • Comparative law

Zeynep YILDIRIM is a graduate of Galatasaray University where she obtained a Diploma in Law and an LLM. Having been awarded a Jean Monnet Scholarship by the European Commission, she received an LLM in Banking Law and Financial Regulation from the London School of Economics.

She has worked, most recently, as a case-processing lawyer at the European Court of Human Rights from 2009 to 2013, prior to which she interned at the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg and worked as a lawyer in an international law firm in Istanbul.

Nicholas G.S. Saul is a Franco-American PhD candidate at the Sciences Po Law School. His research focuses on the legal form of decentralized organizations and their impact on public governance. In doing so, he aims to observe emerging phenomena of governance in technology such as blockchain DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) and more traditional political discourses on autonomy and self-determination.

Nefeli is currently working on Evidence in Comparative Constitutional Adjudication under the supervision of Professor Guillaume Tusseau. She holds the position of A.T.E.R. at the University of Paris 1- Panthéon Sorbonne.

She taught Political Institutions, Comparative Constitutional Law and Comparative Judicial Politics both at Sciences Po Paris and Reims campuses and European Union Law, Administrative Law, Constitutional Law at various Law Faculties in Paris.

In 2018, she was a visiting fellow at the Càtedra de Cultura Jurídica at the University of Girona in Spain.

Ishupal Singh Kang, originally from India, is a doctoral candidate at Sciences Po Law School. The title of his research project is: “Distributive Equity Perspective of Intellectual Property Globalization: The Case of Copyright Protection and Access to Education in the Global South”.

Jean Grosdidier’s dissertation explores the developments of “monetary constitutionalism” in the Eurozone. He is doing his Ph.D. under the supervision of Pr. Guillaume Tusseau.

Jean holds a Master degree in Public Law from University Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas and a Certificate in Philosophy of Law from the College de Droit. He also graduated from University Paris Ouest Nanterre and E.H.E.S.S in « Legal Theory and Analysis of Law » (Research Master).

Publications : 
  • « John Dewey et l’expérience du droit. La philosophie juridique à l’épreuve du pragmatisme » (co-écrit avec Liora Israël, EHESS), Tracès. Revue de Sciences Humaines, n°27 : « Penser avec le Droit », décembre 2014.
  • Compte-rendu de La transgression / Jean-Jacques Sueur et Pascal Richard (dir.), pour la Revue Droit et Société, septembre 2014.
  • « L’attribution de droits réels aux occupants du domaine public : une reformulation a-propriétariste », Annales de Droit, n°7, mars 2013, PURH, p. 111-136.
  • Guide juridique Compétences et responsabilités des Présidents d’Université, Préface Louis Vogel, février 2012, Publication CPU, 142 p.

Filipe Antunes Madeira Da Silva  is doing his Doctoral studies at Sciences Po Law School where he researches on international law, development and human rights. His thesis focuses on the exploitation of natural resources in a capitalist order, adopting both a critical and historical perspective to understand how international law helped structure the emergence of a rubber market in the Amazon at the turn of the 20th century.

Publications : 
  • “A qui donc est ce pétrole ? Petrobras, les trajectoires Mestizo et la politique de l’acte de juger” in: MUIR WATT, Horatia, FERNANDEZ ARROYO Diego, BIZIKOVA Lucia and BRANDAO DE OLIVEIRA Agatha, MA Megan, CLOAREC Malo (eds.), Le tournant global en droit international privé: Jurisprudence sans frontières, Pédone, 2020. (Forthcoming). 
  • “Whose Oil Is It, Anyway? Petrobras, Mestizo Trajectories and The Politics of International Adjudication” in: MUIR WATT Horatia, FERNANDEZ ARROYO Diego, BIZIKOVA Lucia and BRANDAO DE OLIVEIRA Agatha (eds.), Adjudication Without Frontiers: The Global Turn in Private International Law, Edgar Elgar, 2019. 
  • “A Baroque Account of Law by Rubens: A Legal Reading of ‘The Council of the Gods’ of the Marie de’ Medici Cycle.” The Cardozo Electronic Law Bulletin 21 (Spring-Summer 2015) Issue 1.
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