Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier

Research Director CNRS
Economic sociology, Environment, Public Policies, Mobilizations

Research Programs

  • Governance, economic organizations program
  • Public policy, transformations of the state program


Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier works in economic sociology. She studies how economic behaviors are shaped by markets, social movements and governments.

She has been studying how market intermediation shapes consumers' conducts, the role of environmental mobilizations in the transformation of economic organizations (political consumption, companies-activists interactions), and the government of consumers' conducts by public policies (sustainable consumption and food policies). She is currently working on a political economic approach of abundance regimes.


  • Dubuisson-Quellier Sophie, 2022, « How does affluent consumption come to consumers? A research agenda for exploring the foundations and lock-ins of affluent consumption”, Consumption and Society, vol 1, no 1, 31-50.
  • Claire Hoolohan, Sigrid C. O. Wertheim-Heck, Fanny Devaux, Lorenzo Domaneschi, Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier, Martina Schäfer & Ulrikke B. Wethal (2022) COVID-19 and socio-materially bounded experimentation in food practices: insights from seven countries, Sustainability: Science, Practice and Policy, 18:1, 16-36, DOI: 10.1080/15487733.2021.2013050
  • Dubuisson-Quellier Sophie, 2021, “Anti-corporate activism and market change: the role of contentious valuations”, Social Movement Studies, 20(4), 399-416.
  •  Bereni Laure et Dubuisson-Quellier Sophie, 2020, « Au-delà de la confrontation : saisir la diversité des interactions entre mondes militants et économiques », Revue française de sociologie, 61(4),505-529.
  • Dubuisson-Quellier Sophie, 2018, La consommation engagée, Paris, Presses de Sciences Po, Collection 2 Contester. 2 ème édition, (traduit en anglais et en chinois).
  • Dubuisson-Quellier Sophie (Dir.), 2016, Gouverner les conduites, Paris, Presses de Sciences Po.
  • Dubuisson-Quellier Sophie, 2013, “A market mediation strategy. How social movements seek to change firms’ practices by promoting new principle of product valuation”, Organization Studies, Vol 34, N° 5-6, pp. 683-703.

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Director CSO 

Member of the French High Council on Climate

Member of the Sciences Po Scientific Advisory Board

Member of the Sustainability: Sciences, Practice and Policy editorial board

Co-Director of the Presses Universitaires de la Sorbonne “economic sociology” collection (with Philippe Steiner and Marie Trespeuch)

Member of the Editorial Board of "Consumption and Society"


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