Philipp Brandt

Assistant professor
Occupations and work, Economic sociology, Computational methods

Research Programs

  • Governance, economic organizations program
  • Knowledge, science, expertise program
  • Work, employment, professions program


Philipp Brandt studies emerging professions, expert work and their effects in historical, economic and technological settings. His main project analyzes the construction of a professional “data scientist” identity in New York City’s tech community.
In a new project, he shifts focus to the dying profession of yellow cab drivers. Philipp combines computational methods with qualitative field observations to address these issues.

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teaching activities 

Sciences Po, Campus Nancy

Data Science for the social good (semester 2020)

Expert work in the digital age (semester 2020)

University of Mannheim, Germany: BA Seminars

  • Introduction to the Sociology of Professions and Science (Spring 2019; Spring 2018; Spring 2017)
  • Introduction to Economic Sociology (Fall 2018; Spring 2018; Fall 2017; Fall 2016)*
  • Empirical Research Practicum (Fall 2018)
  • Organizational Innovation (Spring 2016)
  • Hacking the Meso-Level (Computational Social Science Introduction; March 2014)

University of Mannheim, Germany : MA Seminars

  • Python Programming for Social Sciences (February 2018)
  • Sociology of Professions and Science (Fall 2018; Fall 2016)
  • Topics in Economic Sociology (Spring 2017)

Columbia University, New York, USA

  • Organizing Innovation - Teaching assistant; instructor: David Stark (Fall 2015)
  • Senior Thesis Seminar - Teaching assistant; instructor: Tom DiPrete (2013 - 2014)

other activities 


American Sociological Association; European Sociological Association; Akademie für Soziologie (AS); European Group of Organizational Studies; Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics; Center of Organizational Innovation, Columbia University (2010-2016)


“Immigrants’ career changes in German organizations” Mannheimer Zentrum für Europäische Sozialforschung (seed grant; Principal investigator)

“Chains of opportunity in politics: An organizational analysis of politicians’ careers in the German Bundestag since 1949” Mannheimer Zentrum für Europäische Sozialforschung (seed grant; Co-Pi with Henning Hillmann)

Awards & Honors

Sociology and political sciences student teaching award, University of Mannheim

Paul F. Lazersfeld Fellow, Sociology, Columbia University, New York, USA

President’s List, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany


Ph.D., Sociology, Columbia University, New York (USA)
Dissertation: “Mechanisms of Emergence in the Data Science Profession”
Committee: Peter Bearman (advisor), Josh Whitford, David Stark, Catherine Turco (MIT), Gil Eyal (chair)

M.Phil., Sociology

M.A., Sociology

B.A., Jacobs University Bremen (Allemagne).
Integrated Social Sciences;
Honors: President’s List
Advisor: Christofer Edling

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