Claire Lemercier

Research Director CNRS
History and sociology of law and lawyers, Apprenticeship in France, Economic institutions

Research Programs

  • Governance, economic organizations program
  • Law, norms, regulations program
  • Public policy, transformations of the state program
  • Work, employment, professions program


Claire Lemercier is originally a specialist of the history of French economic institutions, especially hybrid public-private institutions. This has led her to study chambers of commerce, commercial courts and labor courts, and to compare nineteenth-century patterns of statecraft in the United States and France (with Nicolas Barreyre) and notarial practice in eighteenth-century France and Italy (with Francesca Trivellato). She is currently conducting research on the history of apprenticeship in eighteenth and nineteenth-century France (with Clare H. Crowston), and on access to the French Supreme Courts (lawyers and judicial aid) from the nineteenth century to the present (with Laure Blévis, Ana Maria Falconi, Liora Israël and Mélanie Sargeac).

A specialist in quantitative methods in the field of history—especially network analysis—Claire Lemercier has taught and published a great deal on these topics, often in collaboration with Claire Zalc. In 2019, they published Quantitative Methods in the Humanities: An Introduction (University of Virginia Press) and created a companion blog.


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Quantitative Methods for History workshop (FR) (open to students of all levels)


 Member of Enterprise & Society’s editorial board

 Member of the committee of The Connected Past

 Member of the French Committee for Open Science (CoSO)

 Co-coordinator of the Center for History and Economics in Paris (CHEP) (with David Todd) (2019-2021)


CNRS Bronze medal


Habilitation (professorial thesis), University of Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis

Ph.D. in History, EHESS

Master’s degree

Agrégation (teaching certification) in History

Bachelor’s degree in History, Sciences Po - Paris

Last Publications

  • Gervais, Julie, Claire Lemercier and Willy Pelletier. 2021. La valeur du service public. Paris: Éditions La Découverte.
  • Bès, Marie-Pierre, Guillaume Favre and Claire Lemercier. 2021. "Sources et données pour l’analyse des réseaux sociaux." Bulletin of Sociological Methodology/Bulletin de méthodologie sociologique 152 (1): 10-51.
  • François, Pierre and Claire Lemercier. 2021. "L' emprise de la finance." In Le nouveau monde: Tableau de la France néolibérale, ed. Antony Burlaud, Allan Popelard and Grégory Rzepski, 227-235. Paris: Éditions Amsterdam.
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