Visiting researchers

Every year, the CSO hosts researchers and doctoral students from international universities for a few weeks or several months. These stays enable collaborations on joint publications, research projects, and participation in seminars.


Peter Edlund is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Business Studies at Uppsala University. He wrote his PhD thesis at Uppsala University, focusing on issues related to status, organization, and competition, employing an extensive qualitative dataset to analyze how the European Research Council’s (ERC) funding was constructed in Swedish science during the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Program. After defending his thesis in 2018, he has developed it into a book that was recently released by Edward Elgar Publishing. He will be at the CSO for a research stay at the CSO during the spring of 2022, in order to collaborate with Christine Musselin and Jérôme Aust.

Michal Frenkel is Professor at the The Department of Sociology and Anthropology of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She works on Gender and Religiosity in and around organizations and the labor market; organizational materiality; organizational memory; gender and entrepreneurship; Israel; globalization; postcolonialism. She is a visiting scholar between mid-February and then end of May 2022. She will be able to collaborate with Professors Emilie Biland-Curinier and Jérôme Pelisse.


Søren Lund Frandsen is a PhD student at the Department of Organization (IOA) at Copenhagen Business School. He studies the evolution of expert networks used by public organizations in their response to developing global challenges such as climate change and emerging infectious diseases. He is at the CSO from September 1 to December 31, 2021. Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier and Emmanuel Lazega will host him.

Marte Mangset, Visiting Scholar and Associate Professor at OSLOMET, is currently working on a comparative study of the knowledge and skills that legitimize the power of bureaucratic elites in Britain, France, and Norway. She manages the TAXLAW project with Jérôme Pélisse and Corentin Durand. She is at the CSO from September 2021 to August 2022.

Paige Pendarvis is a visiting PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania. She studies the history of modern Europe, particularly nineteenth- and twentieth-century France. Her research focuses on the emergence of the "right to housing" in the Paris of the Third Republic in order to understand the historical development of "needs" and "rights", the relationship between them, and their impact on the formation of modern welfare states. She is at the CSO from September 13 to August 30, 2022 and is hosted by Marie-Emmanuelle Chessel.

Samantha Sales Dias, a visiting PhD student from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, is studying the work of digital influencers specializing in finance and investments and their performance in the social space of financial education in Brazil. She seeks to understand how these agents operate in social media with the stated goal of educating people about finance and teaching them how to manage their money in times of economic crisis. She is at CSO from September 1, 2021 to February 28, 2022 and is hosted by Jeanne Lazarus.

Elliot Stoller is a doctoral candidate at Harvard University. His research aims to provide practical and theoretical insights to better align government and economic institutions with a more just distribution of power. Elliot Stoller critically examines how exercises of power are experienced, justified, and constrained in normative and structural ways within and across organizations. His residency is set from September 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022 and is hosted by Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier.


Kayla B. Schulte, PhD student invited under the Oxford-Sciences Po Research Group programme (OxPo) for one academic year (2020/2021).

Kayla B. Schulte conducts her research in the Department of Sociology at Oxford University. Her thesis is entitled: “Who Cares About the Air? Socio-Economic and Demographic Divides in Air Quality Information Acquisition" under the supervision of Professor Melinda Mills and Dr. Ridhi Kashyap. She is hosted by Renaud Crespin.
See her blog

Anna-Lena Rose, visiting student from the University of TU Dortmund in September and October 2020.

Anna-Lena Rose has been a research assistant at the chair of university didactics and university research since February 2016. She is conducting her PhD research at the Faculty of Economics at TU Dortmund University on the topic "The emergence of interdisciplinary structures in academic projects - A case study of inclusive teacher training at a German university". She is hosted by Christine Musselin. See her page

Ian Gray, visiting doctoral student from the University of California - Los Angeles from February to July 2020.

His research focuses largely on how environmental problems become economic problems and how scientific knowledge about environmental change is understood, redirected and made "useable" by business and economic actors. He is hosted at the CSO by Olivier Borraz among others. See his page on the UCLA website

Thomas David, visiting professor from the University of Lausanne from February to June 2020

Thomas David is Professor at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) and at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Lausanne. He is hosted by Claire Lemercier. See his CV.


Ruben Peeters (University of Utrecht) doctoral student invited to the CSO from September to November 2019.

Ruben Peeters is preparing a thesis in economic history on SME financing in the Netherlands: "Small and medium size enterprise funding in the Netherlands, end of the nineteenth century to 1980". His work crosses the sociology of markets, public action and financial inclusion. He is hosted by Claire Lemercier. See Ruben Peeters' page on the University of Utrecht’s website

Anne Sauviat (University of Cambridge), doctoral student invited to the CSO from September to November 2019.

Hosted by CamPo (the partnership between Sciences Po and Cambridge), Anne Sauviat is preparing a sociology thesis entitled "Exploring the political economy of diagnostic innovation: The case of cancer screening regulatory governance in France". She is hosted by Patrick Castel. See Anne Sauviat's page on the University of Cambridge’s website

Per Magnus Mæhle (University of Oslo), visiting researcher at the CSO from September to December 2019.

Per Magnus Mæhle holds a PhD in sociology and is a researcher and General Secretary of the Cancer Centre at Oslo University Hospital and also a member of the management group of the Division of Cancer Medicine. He is hosted by Patrick Castel. See Per Magnus Mæhle's CV (PDF, 202Ko)

Eric Quintane, visiting professor from the University of los Andes (Colombia) is staying at the CSO for the month of May.

Eric Quintane is a professor at the University of los Andes in Bogota (Colombia). His work focuses on social networks, organisational design and knowledge management. He seeks to examine the temporal context of social processes (such as brokering, closure, cohesion) by modelling social interactions within teams and organisations. He is hosted at the CSO by Emmanuel Lazega.

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