The CSO organises several seminars.


This weekly seminar aims to promote exchanges connected to the CSO’s research programmes between all researchers and doctoral students in the laboratory. One of its primary objectives is to train doctoral students in social science research approaches and methods. External researchers and doctoral students are also regularly invited to present their work.

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This seminar provides a stage for research carried out in France, as well as in Europe and other regions of the world, on the subjects of higher education and research. It is intended for and open to all experts, practitioners, researchers, and doctoral students interested in these questions.

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The “DomesticitieS in space and time” seminar, co-organized by the CSO’s former doctoral and current post-doctoral student Alizée Delpierre, aims to examine contemporary domesticities – defined as activities that consist of being paid for performing domestic chores performed for households other than one’s own. The seminar focuses on the different forms that domesticity takes in various national territories (e.g., Argentina, Jordan, Egypt, France, the United States, Japan, etc.) and situates these variations within the histories of the given countries.

The Debt, Business, Networks & Regulations seminars have ended. They are exemplary of the research activities carried out at the CSO, which are still relevant today.

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