Chercheurs invités


  • Yami VELEZ : janvier - avril 2024 - Columbia Unibversity sous la direction de Kevin Arceneaux

Project : Work on several projects involving misinformation detection, prevention and correction. Over the past few years, I have published papers examining the effects of fact-checks on beliefs about politics and medicine. I’ve also contributed to the literature on immigrant politics by studying how misinformation flows within Latino communities, and what we can do about it. I plan to extend this work by examining how we can improve detection of AI content as we head into important elections such as the 2024 election in the US, how we can characterize the spread of misinformation in other immigrant communities across the globe, and examine the more fundamental question of how beliefs and attitudes change when presented with evidence.

  • Daniel FLYNN : 27 novembre au 1er décembre 2023 - IE University sous la direction de Kevin Arceneaux

Project: One week research stay as part of the CIVICA faculty short visit program

  • Christiane RAFIDINARIVO - 16 au 26 octobre 2023 - Université de la Réunion - sous la direction de Martial Foucault

Projet : Recherche sur les outremers et l'océan indien. Analyse comparée (suite)

  • David JACOBSON : 22/09/23 - 23/10/23 - University of South Florida sous la direction de Martial Foucault

Projet : The objective is to facilitate developing collaborative work together with colleagues at CEVIPOF. Prof. Cinalli and I also would like to organize a seminar in tandem with launching our new book at CEVIPOF. The book, "Citizenship: The Third Revolution," is being released by Oxford University Press in the proposed period of my visit. The book is also the inaugural book of the new Oxford Series on Migration and Citizenship.  

  • Antonio VALENTIM : 13/09/23 -28/09/23 - Yale University - Sous la direction de Kevin Arceneaux

Projet :Project on gender differences in climate concern worldwide. As part of the project, we conduct case studies of multiple countries, which France is part of. We will be conducting elite interviews and focus groups in France". 

  • Daniel RUBENSON : 11/07/23 - 30/09/23 - Toronto Metropolitan University - sous la direction de Kevin Arceneaux

Projet : Re-evaluating the extent of strategic voting” Citizens may approach voting strategically, by considering how their vote is likely to affect outcomes, or sincerely, by simply voting for their preferred candidate. Researchers typically measure the extent of strategic voting by looking for discrepancies between voters' preferences and their vote choices. But such discrepancies may arise either because the voter defects from her preferred candidate or because the researcher incorrectly measures the voter's preferences. This project develops a set of new direct preference measures and embeds them in several large election surveys, including in Canada, France, Sweden and elsewhere. Preliminary estimates show that only 10-15% of the electorate votes strategically, which is far below prominent previous estimates and around half what we would find with the same estimation strategy but using standard preference measures. The project clarifies how future researchers can combine standard preference measures to obtain better estimates of strategic voting from other surveys. This method casts doubt on the widely-accepted claim that strategic defection from a preferred party is as common in PR elections as in plurality elections. 

  • Nicolaî MARIGAARD - 27/03/23 - 29/04/23 - University of Copenhaguen  - sous la direction de Samuel Hayat

Projet : « Post-Revolutionary Republicanism » The project analyses the transformation of republicanism between the early modern and the modern period. It particularly focuses on international republican movements and political theories developed in the post-revolutionary period, i.e. between 1815 and 1840. It analyses French republicanism within an international context.  


  • ALDUY Cécile : 09/2022 à 09/2023 
  • MARTY Lucile : du 03/10/22 au 30/06/23 
  • MULIERI Alessandro : du 01/02/22 au 29/04/22 
  • PATTERSON Kelly : du 31/01/22 au 29/04/22 
  • RAFIDINARIVO Christiane : du 17 au 24/03/23
  • RUBENSON Daniel : 29/06/22 - 04/09/22 
  • SAWYER Patrick - 15/02/22 - 01/06/22 
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