Silvio Icka

Sujet de thèse : "La théorie du conflit politique à l'intersection de la politique internationale et de la politique intérieure"

Abstract : The precise objective of this doctorate thesis is threefold; 1) to provide a robust theoretical and practical definition of political conflict, 2) to write a concise history of idea of the concept and its general development since the 1930s and Hans Morgenthau’s The Concept of the Political and how it is relevant to understanding past political conflicts which took on both international and domestic dimensions such as in the Cold-War and Post-Cold War era, 3) to apply the concept to contemporary western (European and North-American) politics. From these three objectives follow three main research questions which I formulate as: 1. What Is Political Conflict at the Intersection of International Relations and Domestic Politics? 2. How has the concept of political conflict developed since its origins to this day and what are major examples of political conflicts in which international and domestic politics intersect? 3. How can the concept of political conflict be applied to contemporary western politics?

Directeur de thèse : M. Gil DELANNOI Organisme d'origine : Sciences Po / Master en théorie politique

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