Historique des versions

v2.3 (01/04/2019)


  • add Morocco at two levels: regions and provinces (2015)
  • add United-Kingdom at two levels: NUTS-1 and NUTS-3 (2018)
  • add Algeria wilayas (2008)
  • add China provinces (2018)
  • add New-Caledonia municipalities (2017)
  • add Grand Paris at two levels: municipalities and iris
  • update Europe at two levels: NUTS-2 and NUTS-3 (2016)

Import basemap

New functionality to import your own basemap in three possible formats: shapefile, geojson or topojson.


More customization for world basemap at export step: equator, sphere, seas, background

v2.2 (13/11/2018)

  • Redesign of visualizations panel: new classification more clear and readable
  • 3 new viz than combine two variables
  • Documentation is now directly accessible in Khartis
  • Map title and labels can be styled: font, size, bold, italic, underline, align, color
  • Labels can now be moved and connectors appears automatically.
  • New projection available: Armadillo by Erwin Raisz and Airocean by Buckminster Fuller
  • Fix Jenks discretization thresholds
  • Dependancies: upgrade to ember 3.1

v2.1 (09/03/2018)

  • new tools to add text and arrow above the map. Bonus: objects are georeferenced with the map
  • many improvement of the legend for more liberty: horizontal or vertical presentation, dissociate legends, round values
  • new download button always visible in export step
  • more option when exporting as image (.png) -> normal size, double (@2x) and triple (@3x)
  • new basemaps: Canada by provinces or census division in 2016
  • add tooltip to all button of the floating map menu
  • add automatic suggestion when editing a column in the data step
  • fix bug when data with empty cell in ID column
  • fix bug when no data value have special character (“..”, “-”)

v2.0 (16/11/2017)

  • global redesign for a better experience and ergonomy
  • new projection available : Bertin 1953. Thanks to Philippe Rivière (@Fil). More information on Visionscarto.net
  • new viz “categories > ordered symbols”: to show a hierarchy on points (capitals of state, chief towns of regions, communes ... or a ranking in a typology). This viz is based on Jacques Bertin’s work.
  • new viz “categories > ordered surface”: to show a hierarchy (ranking) on surface. Reverse order of ranking is possible.
  • new discretization available “manual thresholds”: if you’re not satisfied with automatic discretization make your own one.
  • new option to check your data on the fly: a tooltip is available on the map
  • auto-update on offline app: don’t miss new version
  • improve rendering of pattern with a new scale option
  • more projects saved in the browser and we add a new way to reopen your project saved locally: by dragging and dropping it.
  • filter basemap list to quickly find the one you need
  • a lot of improvement in reactivity and performance : in the data step and with the zoom
  • bug fix: SVG export now support opacity

v1.3 (26/07/2017)

  • add France at municipality level split by 18 regions in 2016 and 2017

v1.2 (21/07/2017)


  • add Europe at three levels: country, NUTS-2 and NUTS-3 + examples data
  • add France electoral district for 2012 and 2017 with presidential data
  • add Germany at two levels: Lander and Lankreise + examples data. Thanks to @mukil ! (#9)
  • all basemaps now have a copyright cited according to sources and visible in UI
  • support of two optional layers: a second line geometry draw at the top and a second polygon geometry draw at the bottom (see Europe basemap for example)

Viz and UI

  • add german translation thnaks to @mukil ! (#9)
  • add a daltonism simulation via SVG filters from colourblind
  • add bar symbol in addition to circle and rectangle
  • improve legend of all visualizations
  • add two discretizations: standard deviation and Jenks based on geostats and simple-statistics plus some otpimization


  • update to d3v4
  • update to ember 2.13
  • add electron to build offline version of Khartis for Windows, macOS and Linux


  • and a lot of fix not listed

v1.0 (3/11/2016)

  • add brazil basemaps:
  • 3 levels: States, mesoregions and microregions
  • add one example at States level
  • fix brazil dictionary: ID as text
  • fix year on world basemap