Housing benefit

CAF housing allowance

Individual and/or joint tenants may be entitled to housing benefits whether living in an unfurnished or furnished flat, home-stay, or student hall of residence.

  • The accommodation must correspond to decent home standards (offer a minimum comfort: water, toilet, heating installations) and have a minimum floor area of 9 sq. metres.
  • The tenancy agreement must be in your name or that of your legal guardian, if you are a minor. You must not be a relative of the property owner (child or parent).
  • Students from outside the European Economic Zone must hold in their first year an extended-stay visa with residence permit (known as the VS-TS) or the OFII stamp.

The calculation of your housing benefit will take into account your income, the type of accommodation, the location and the amount of the rent.

For an estimate of your benefit entitlement please visit the CAF website (fr.).

In paris: moving in student financial aid (AILE)

Financed by the City of Paris, this aid is managed by the CROUS. Students must be Crous scholarship holders and be studying at a higher education institution in the Ile de France region. The aid is disbursed in one installment and only once during the duration of studies.

For more information about l'AILE (fr.)

La "CLÉ"

The CLÉ (Caution Locative Etudiante) is a state insurance allowing students without a guarantor to have easier access to housing. The CLE is handled by the CROUS.

The CLÉ can be used by all students that:

  • have steady income but no family, friend or bank guarantor
  • are looking for housing in France for their studies
  • are 28 years old or less on September 1st of the year when the lease is signed.

For more information and to apply (fr.)