Nancy campus student associations

Nancy campus student associations

Solidarity / Civic Engagement

Action Citoyenne (AXIT)

Team project

Action Citoyenne (more generally called Axit) is one of the oldest collective projects of the campus. It is also an association. Concretely, Axit represents different initiatives with a solidary goal. Axit is actively involved during the whole year on the campus and works in cooperation with local actors. The project is divided into diverse under-projects which are autonomous.

Let's have a look at them to have an idea of their diversity:

  • Axit AFEV: Thanks to a partnership with the AFEV (in French) association, students can take care of children or young people with difficult backgrounds. We take care of them individually once a week during the year, and we help them with their homework or accompany them to cultural manifestations. We also meet with other students to be formed or just to exchange about our experiences.
  • Axit Ecologie: It is THE ecological project of the campus. By informing (film projections, Posters, articles in the student newspapers…) and by organizing more concrete actions (sell of recyclable glass for the coffee machine, selective sorting at the BDE Parties, sell of recycled paper…) we would like to encourage our fellow students to adopt a greener behaviour.
  • Axit Europe: We have a partnership with Nancy, and so we present the European Union in the primary schools. During "Europe's month", we organize working groups for primary school classes. More generally, we take part in events about the EU on the campus, especially for May 9th or the European elections.
  • Axit Gender Equality: This project promotes gender equality. We organize breakfasts or tea times to which we invite women who work in a so-called manly field to benefit from their experiences. We also organize film projections that are concluded by discussions to inform the other students. We have the project to intervene in Nancy's primary schools by making presentations to fight against sexist stereotypes.

Otherwise we organize blood collects during the whole year, an evening against AIDS, a food collect, a collect of plastic deckles to finance material for disabled people, conferences about society themes… So you will have understood that Axit is not only a solidary project, but it is also an exciting project that evolves every year: thus, we are waiting for you and your new solidary ideas!

Atelier de lecture Cali

Team project

Cali is a student project which consists of the regular meetings between students from Sciences Po and young children from an underprivileged neighbourhood in Nancy, le Haut-du-Lièvre. Each Thursday afternoon four students come to the La Fontaine school, where they read one or two stories to the children. The Cali project gets sponsored by the foundation ATD Quart Monde (in french) , which fights against the social exclusion of the underprivileged. ATD aims to preserve their dignity, offering them better living conditions and the possibility of building a brighter future.

In the spirit of ATD, Cali tries to stimulate the children's curiosity to understand the world they live in through books and reading. The students often liven the meeting up with music, theatre or circus. The children have the opportunity to borrow a book, in order to read it again and again at home with their parents. Finally, what is Cali? It's a project about education and solidarity, about communication and interest in reading, an amazing and enriching project for the children as well as for the students.



Team project

Afric@ction is THE humanitarian project of the franco-german-european campus of Sciences Po Paris in Nancy. The society was created in 2002 and is therefore one of the most ancient projects of the campus. This year it counts over thirty members in their first and second year here.

Our goal is to raise the awareness of the students on the African continent through multiple events (African evenings, sales of products coming from fair trade, participation at the international day for the fight against AIDS, actions with the NGO "Action contre la Faim", conferences on several topics including humanitarian action).

It is the opportunity for the French-German-European students to open themselves to another environment which is often surrounded by clichés and stereotypes. Moreover, the society is bringing some sun in the Nancian freshness.

However, our main goal is to build a humanitarian project every year in one of the African countries. In 2013 it was in Senegal. 2014 in the Ivory Coast where we took part in the construction of a new school building. We are currently working on the project for 2015.

What you should remember? We want to raise interest on the campus and in Nancy for this fascinating continent and try, on our scale, to help the disadvantaged populations in Africa.

Société des relations internationales

Team project

Are you interested in foreign affairs issues, their background, their development and their impact? Do you want to discuss them with your friends, share your opinion and broaden your knowledge? Do you want to meet interesting guest speakers and help organise their conferences? Then IRS is perfect for you!

Our society is conceived as a think-tank with English as the working language and it is centred around three major parts:

  1. Newsbriefing: We meet on a weekly basis and discuss recent events of International Relations. Our members therefore alternately present and comment every week issues with relevance for the international community.
  2. Semester topic: Each semester we pick collectively a topic that we will work on. Each member will be given the chance to take out an aspect of the chosen subject area and to present it to the group with a discussion afterwards. To give you some examples of our past topics: "Internatioal Conflict Resolutions", "The EU in the World", "Islam in International Relations", ...
  3. Conferences: We invite at least once per semester renowned guest speakers and important personalities for the international community to organise a conference for the whole campus. To give you some examples of our past speakers: Valentin Inzko – U.N. High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina; Alfredo Conte –Chief of the "Strategic Planning Division" of the European External Action Service; Guillaume De La Brosse – Adviser for "Strategic and Industrial affairs" at the European Defence Agency.

We hope to see you soon and welcome you to join the International Relations Society!


    Association sportive (AS) - Nancy

    Team project

    The Sports Association (short: the wonderful AS) is one of the most lively and active student lead activities on the Sciences Po Nancy campus. Since Sciences Po does not only educate students who spend all their time studying in the library, but also focuses on creating well balanced and diverse personalities, who like to get involved outside their curriculum, sports offer a perfect opportunity to find a fun and healthy contrast to the usual studying environment.

    We, the AS, take care of the organization behind sports, and arrange for events to take place in a lively and organized manner. This year (2014/2015), the AS includes 11 members, girls and guys as well as first and second year students – all, of course, from a multicultural background. If you are sporty, but more importantly if you are motivated to take part in the active life on camps, there is no way around the AS.

    Our diverse tasks involve the coordination of training sessions, student championships against other universities, as well as the purchasing of training clothing and other equipment, the viewing of international sports matches, or the search for sponsors. Of course the AS also takes part in supporting our teams during matches (even if it's -5 degrees outside, or the stadium is located at the other end of town). Whether it's rugby, basketball, volleyball or football, we are always present and motivated to cheer for our teams.

    In order to prepare for the final championships, the "Collégiades", the definite highlight of the year, the AS organizes several little tournaments called "Weekend inter sportifs", which help the teams gain competitive experiences, but also increase the campus-spirit, by supporting together, eating together and afterwards celebrating together. The "Collégiades" is not only the most important sport event of the year, but it also unites all musical and artistic projects of the campus, which makes it truly a competition of the entire campus. Therefore, the AS is in close contact with all activities of the campus; may it be music, dance, or the BDE, with who we are once again organising a weekend skiing trip.

    In general, we all can't wait to meet you and bond with you during one of our marvellous sport activities! Get involved and take part in the campus sports life! Your, truly wonderful AS!

    Danse & Cheerleading

    Team project

    The project has been created more than five years ago. Hip Hop, modern-jazz, waltz, cheerleading, polka, these words sound familiar to you ? If they do, you might be interested to read this description about the funkiest project of the campus of Nancy: the Dance & Cheerleading2 project.

    It is composed of three different activities which do all meet up in the common passion for dancing. We thus carry out exciting and enriching projects throughout the whole year. It starts with the welcome dance at the opening ceremony at the beginning of the year and ends up with a spectacular performance at a Championship.

    The dance and the couple dance activities welcome the fans of musicals, those who want to perform on stage or those who enjoy dancing in front of more than a thousand students during a Campus Championship called the Collégiades.

    Those who have always wanted to wear a uniform can join the Cheerleaders, who support their teams during sport events. There is a real variety of options!

    The dance and cheerleading project is open for everyone, beginner or professional, male or female, passionate or just curious.

    Stanislas Seven

    Team project

    The Stanislas Sevens is an international Rugby 7s Tournament that takes place in Nancy every year. There has been an informal cooperation for several years but in 2014, SciencesPo became an official partner of the event: students involved in the project are in charge of the entire communication and the relations with partners.

    Their mission?

    • Increase the local, national and international visibility of the tournament, through an increased presence in the written and audio-visual press but also in social networks. The students organise press conferences, contact newspapers, radios and television to assure the publicity and coverage of the tournament. They make sure to have an constant presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to spread knowledge about the Stanislas Sevens.
    • Professionalise its image, through communication in two or even three languages, a unified layout of official documents, a new younger and dynamic logo…
    • Turn the Stanislas Sevens into a major event rather than just a rugby tournament: the students are encouraged to innovate and have decided to organize a cheerleader intervention as well as an open-air concert on the tournament’s site.
    • Assure a personalized and friendly relationship with historical partners, but also recruit new partners that will allow the tournament to grow even bigger.

      Arts and Culture

      Bureau des Arts (BDA) - Nancy

      Permanent association
      Team project

      The Art society (Bureau des Arts or BDA) has established itself, in only four years’ time, as a real platform, introducing students to Nancy’s thriving cultural life, thanks to its numerous partnerships with various cultural institutions - especially the Lorraine Opera, the Ballet and the Orchestra - its cooperation with the artistic clubs on campus, but above all thanks to the events it organises, which shape the university year.

      From the launching of its artistic season that revisited the Forum Europa, to the Art Night, ultimate celebration of Sciences Po students’ talents, the BDA is always there to encourage everyone to express their creativity in all its shapes.

      Through the organisation of a fashion show - with original creations from the students - of various workshops (street art, Christmas DIY…), of exhibitions… through the creation of a cultural agenda gathering events taking place in Nancy, through the introduction to History of Arts and finally through the organisation of thematic parties or « intercampus week ends » with other Sciences Po campuses, the Art Society intends to help students escape from their daily life.


        Team project

        The troupe « Théâtre d’impro » was created this year by a dozen of students. Two hours a week, we practice this form of theater called « improvisational theater ». A professional teacher animates these sessions. With his help and advices, we improve our ability to listen and accept others ideas, to create stories of our own and to mime and use our body. These competences are useful in other areas, such as interpersonal relations in the working life.

        Additionally, we have three main goals during the year:

        • The first one is the participation and the organization of three “Matchs d’impro” with our fellow universities in Nancy. One of these takes place within Sciences po.
        • The second is the organization of a show, solely with Sciences po participants.
        • Finally, we plan a “Nuit de l’impro”, with the aim of combining different arts in the theme of improvisation. This night is co-organized with our partners from other schools in Nancy.

          Les Saltamontes

          Recognised association

          This association aims to create and perform plays of theater during the events organized by the campus or the town of Poitiers. It also offers dramatic and body expression classes.


            Team project

            The Music Project’s purpose is to organize and coordinate the musical life of the Nancy campus, taking part in various events during the year. Every ideas and music styles are welcome, that’s why our group project is divided into three main subgroups: the Choir, the classical music group and the Jazz-current music group. These subgroups are relatively autonomous and participate in many different projects (events at the Campus or even outside, concerts, sometimes with other group projects...).

            The main artistic events in which our Project takes part are:

            • The Semester Concerts: Since 2012, the Music Project has established a partnership with the MJC Pichon, just next to Sciences Po. It allows us to use the rooms and the material, which is really useful for our rehearsals and therefore enables us to organize a concert at the end of each semester.
            • The Musical, a big event at the end of the second semester, which makes different Collective Projects work together.
            • The "Collégiades" (artistic part): After finishing 5th in 2012 2nd last year, we really hope that we are going to improve our ranking next time ! 

            To achieve this goal, we need to compose innovative music using different styles. In addition to these main events, our project also participates in other events at the Campus during the year since music is always welcome to entertain the audience (Gala, Art Night, BDE parties, Inter-Campus weekends…).

              Sciences Pho

              Team project

              SciencesPho is the photography association of the campus of Nancy. Therefore, our first goal is to take pictures of campus life to enable the students to keep beautiful memories from their two years in Nancy. We are present at almost every important event of Sciences Po: the conferences, the parties organised by other Projet Cos, the sports competitions, as well as the Gala at the end of the year.

              Besides this rather official aspect of our association, SciencesPho is also an artistic project. We try to develop our photographic techniques and abilities, organise exhibitions on different subjects and collaborate with the Bureau des Arts.

              It doesn´t matter if you are a though paparazzi, a selfie king or just an apprentice, come join us!


                Team project

                The association “Théâtre” is present on the Campus of Nancy since 2001. So it is almost since the creation of the campus that this association gathers students in order to stage and to represent two pieces of theatre at the end of the year.

                We usually present one contemporary piece and another one that is more classical. This year, we chose not to make this distinction, by staging two pieces that could be called “modern”, since they have both been written in the 20th century.

                We allocate the theatre rehearsals as following:

                • the Tuesday evening, we work with a group of fifteen students on the piece “The man outside” by Wolfgang Borchert ;
                • the Thursday at lunchtime we prepare the piece “The creation of the world and other businesses” by Arthur Miller.

                The rehearsals usually work as following: when all the students are here, we make some exercises to warm their body up and to make sure that they will be concentrated. Then we begin with the playing.

                As every year, we also have a partnership agreement with the theatre “La Manufacture” in Nancy. Through this partnership, we can propose to all students of our campus places for theatre plays, and for a price that is reduced. This year, we are especially present on the campus, since the association “Théâtre” participates to some cultural events, like the ceremony of commemoration for the 9 of November or the “Restos du Coeur” evening.

                Student life

                Bureau des élèves (BDE) - Nancy

                Permanent association
                Team project

                Further than a small group of anonymous students organising randomly a modest relaxation program, the BDE is an association which accompanies the students at the Campus in Nancy during their daily life from the first day on: First of all, the BDE organises the integration week which aims at promoting the meeting between the students of he first and second year as well as integrating them in the Campus` student-life.

                After recruiting a half-dozen of students into the team, the BDE creates several events such as inter-campus weekends, a skiing weekend, a tutor day, the Christmas and the Easter party, but the BDE also sells sweaters when it starts to get cold in Lorraine, or creates Yearbooks at the end of the year.

                During the whole year, the BDE does hence its best to ensure that the students feel like being home. Furthermore, numerous festive moments are organised in order to make the journey in Nancy as confortable as possible.

                More than just an organisation committee, the members of the BDE are a group that is always there for the students building a veritable intermediary between the students and the administration.

                Contact BDE


                  Team project

                  The Projet Cuisine on the Franco-German campus of Sciences Po Paris in Nancy offers to students the possibility to cook typical recipes in a group, to make buffets made of varied dishes for the official and students-events (such as Eurocosmos, MUN Nancy, the visit of students coming from the master programs in Paris, the Franco-German day, the open house day…), or to discover traditional aspects of the European countries’ cuisine.

                  Conviviality, dynamism and originality are tracing the guideline of this project, which is not only delivering culinary services for students-events, but also organizes its own events: indeed, the sale of typical dishes of different European countries, the cooking contest on the campus or the initiation to simple cooking techniques are parts of the activities proposed by the Projet Cuisine.

                  With fifteen motivated and engaged members, this project is able to prepare varied and traditional dishes. Moreover, the availability of cutlery and the possibility to use the kitchen and its equipment represent an important advantage in order to make this project work decently.

                  Finally, with the benefits made by selling dishes during the academic year on the campus, the Projet Cuisine takes part in the funding of the gala at the end of the year.

                    Gala de prestige

                    Team project

                    The prestigious gala that will conclude this academic year is going to take place on Thursday the 30th April 2015. This festive event is set in the great salon in Nancy's town hall and is meant to be a meeting point for current university members and alumni of Science Po Nancy. It is going to be an invaluable opportunity to learn about different career paths and gives a fantastic chance for networking.

                    We are hoping for a great atmosphere and a worthy conclusion of an eventful year in Nancy. The gala committee is in charge of organising the event during the year to ensure an evening to remember for everyone.

                      Pôle motivation Collegiades

                      Team project

                      At the beginning of the year the Pôle Ambiance Collégiades is by far the most puzzling project for new comers. Plenty join us out of curiosity. But it is the thrill for change and will to leave the sometime monotonous flow of classes in Sciences Po that pushes them to open the door of our projet collectif. And what a change! Truly an event management micro-enterprise, the affectionately nicknamed Projet Kro distinguish itself mostly with its objectives: all the work is focus on the paramount event of the year: The Collegiades.

                      The Pôle Ambiance‘s role is to create campus spirit, federate all students under the banner of our beloved King Rudi, give the campus the means to support its valorous athletes and talented artists, make the difference with the other campuses of Sciences Po by stressing our bounds with Germany (and Austria), and most of all make the Collegiades what it is: the up beating moment of the year, the everlasting memory of your two years in Nancy. The Pôle Ambiance has credits for those who would like to invest themselves fully in this mission. However, the number of non-credited member is higher than credited. Everyone is welcome. The work is distributed regardless of credits. The historic weekly reunions of the Pôle Ambiance are motivation enough for the members. Even though stressed by the perspective of having to send a 3000 words essay by midnight, members come to make the project go forward, have fun, and chill with its « krollegues ». Considered marginal when created, the Pôle Ambiance imposed itself as an essential actor of the campus in less than two years. Truth is Red is the new Black.

                      Plenty of events are organized in order to federate the campus and make it a gigantic red and white mass. Themed parties, «Kro-Days », a Beer fest, a Carnival, sales of joggings or scarfs, buying of supporting material, contest of propaganda posters between Campuses, unplanned happening, and basically everything around the Collégiades and Spirit Campus are part of our action. The plus of the project is its capacity to always be innovative and its thirst for fun. So if you are looking forward to have credits to do nothing and be able to fully concentrate on your studies…Don’t come to us! However if you are motivated, ready to sing while working or work while singing, like to motivate others and have a wild imagination, you are then welcome.

                        Recherches en cours

                        Team project

                        « Recherches en Cours » is an ambitious student project on sociological research. Our group is composed of around 15 first or second year students.

                        All year long, we try to apply and use the methods of qualitative sociology on two precise subjects. We use immersion in foreign environment, “life stories”, “non directive interviews” to create “ideal-type”.

                        This year we chose to analyze the impacts of first nouns and to analyze the “World of homeless” (including homeless, roms and beggars). The final production is not always the same : it can be a research paper, a conference, a film, articles, or all at once.

                        The creation of a partnership with the Sciences po research center is ongoing.

                        We will go in Paris in March to exchange with Nonna Mayer and her team, in the context of the publication of her book on precariousness in France. We will talk about our results on the homeless, beggars and roms in Nancy.


                          Court Mais Trash (SCPO Nancy TV)

                          Team project

                          Court Mais Trash is the campus club for cinephiles, amateur directors and those who have always dreamt to go behind the camera in order to create their own masterpiece. Because we are all different but complement each other, diverse but united under the love of the Seventh Art, CMT has got several tasks that please every one of us.

                          1. Our first aim is to immortalise and capture the hectic campus life. Sometimes it is just the memories of the amazing moments we had together and which we will watch many years later with a shed of tear in our eyes, remembering the love we shared in this campus, sometimes they are videos made for the Direction of Communication of SciencesPo Paris to witness the student life of a regional campus filled with enormous possibilities of extracurricular activities. CMT is therefore the perfect “projet co” for those who like making such videos for their friends as a remembrance of the university life as well as those who will one day prepare the night news on CNN.
                          2. The artistic fever of every one of us shows itself for our second mission: to make a short film for the Collégiades de l’Art. Throughout the year, we devote ourselves to write a script and then to shoot it. CMT, it is where the pure creation takes place; we film without any boundaries or limits to imagination.
                          3. CMT is also in charge of promoting the art of cinema in the campus, as is the weekly mission of our sub-group “Ciné-club”. Each week, it proposes one of the masterpieces of the world cinema; to teach the ignorant and to entertain the masses. 

                          So, hardly matters whether you have never touched the camera in your life or you have already made a couple of movies, whether you have seen all the movies of Luis Buñuel and Hitchcock or never heard of these names before and only watched Oceans 13 and James Bond, whether you are a king or no one; if you are looking to discover your hidden talent, don’t hesitate and join us. An interview or a movie, for us, they are all before everything a collective adventure to which everyone has something to contribute.

                          Der Parvenu

                          Team project

                          You have a desire to express yourself, to communicate, to publish? Le Parvenu, the campus medium, may offer you an opportunity to do so!

                          Le Parvenu, founded in 2008, is the main medium of our European Franco-German campus. Originating from a long-standing journalist tradition of Sciences Po, a tradition that is upheld in the most regional campuses as well as the older Nancy journal Hintermond(e), it is nowadays among the most active and performing Group Projects. Fully adapted to the media challenges of the XXI century, Le Parvenu takes on a multi-platform form, combining a highly dynamic website with a proper, qualitative journal. Without the pretence to replace the everyday press, Le Parvenu aspires to be an informative and open students' journal.

                          Reuniting young and ambitious journalists with or without prior experience, whether German- French- or English-speaking, we cover the campus life and a few selected current affairs subjects on our website. The printed journal, in the format of a thick, colourful magazine of about 70 pages, appears twice a year. There, you may find reports, discoveries, investigations or artistic contributions. More of a timeless source of information – more like The New Yorker rather than Die Bild, more of The Economist rather than Daily Mail, the printed version completes the regularly updated news website.

                          Apart from its too essential pillars, Le Parvenu measures the rhythm of campus life by issuing the special editions: The freshmen edition at the beginning of the year, the Collégiades edition at the end of the year, as well as daily printed publications during the EURCOSMOS or NANCYMUN simulations. The completed work offers professional experience and offers the students a possibility of expressing themselves in the domain of journalism, acquainting themselves with the functioning of a journal and acquiring precious know-how in the domains of writing, editing, layout or news production.


                          Team project

                          Europe'n'roll is a radio programme made by about ten students at the Campus in Nancy.

                          The programme is recorded within a community radio and it aims to make curious listeners (re-)get aware of how Europe works. Through offbeat though relevant themes, Europe'n'roll offers you debates about new subjects, interviews, guests as well as culture and music each week.

                          Debates / Politics


                          Team project

                          Eurocosmos prepares a simulation of the European institutions for the Nancy Campus, which will be held in Strasbourg in may.

                          For three days, all students of the European Franco-German campus will debate and discuss the proposals (propositions for European decision-making) prepared by the members of the students' project. Each of them will assume a post - whether a party member, or a lobbyist or even a minister in the Council of the European Union. For the simulation to take place, the members of the Eurocosmos team prepared, with regards to the legislative procedure, a fictive proposal as close as possible to reality.

                          During the simulation, the team will participate as General Secretary of the European Commission and organises the debate. The group is divided in three sub-commissions, each of them elaborates a proposal in English on various and current issues. Beforehand, the participants in the simulation will be asked to respond to the proposal made by the Commission and write a position paper, which reflects the party's view on the specific manner or the position of their national delegation.

                          The simulation week aims at drafting a final proposal and its eventual adaptation by all members.

                          The project allows the concretization and the put into practice of knowledge on the EU legislative processus, with the help of academical experts in order to stay as close as possible to reality.

                          Eurocosmos is a great opportunity for all participants to live an unique and enriching European experience and furthermore, to discover and participate in the process of European decision-making.

                          United Nations Association Nancy

                          Team project

                          The United Nations Association Nancy’s aim is to encourage awareness, debate and discussion on current United Nations issues.

                          The theoretical basis of the study of international relations is put into practice through UNAN and precisely, the application of this basis is through our participation in conferences and UN simulations on a local as well as on an international level. During a conference, participants must employ a variety of communication abilities, thus the educational benefits of the UNAN project also lie in teaching essential “soft skills”, such as public speaking, group communication, note taking and technical writing.

                          UNAN has a seven-year tradition of taking part in the biggest Model United Nations conferences: WorldMUN, organized by Harvard University. Attending the World Model United Nations conference therefore represents the core project of the Association. This year, WorldMUN will take place in Brussels, Belgium. The participation in WorldMUN gives each year the students of the SciencesPo delegation the unique opportunity to apply and broaden course content in real-world situations and negotiations. We also participate in other conferences such as OxiMUN (Oxford MUN), LiMUN (London MUN), RiMUN (Reims MUN).

                          Economy / Entrepreneurship

                          Junior Consulting - Nancy

                          Team project

                          Junior Consulting is primarily a junior enterprise, that is to say, a company formed exclusively of students. More precisely, it is the Sciences Po’s student’s consulting agency. For over 30 years, the company has been working with the continued commitment of our students and their thriving new ideas.

                          Junior Consulting has five centres of expertise for a varied range of missions:

                          • Marketing & Communication;
                          • Human resources;
                          • Sustainability & CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility);
                          • Finance, Strategy & Entrepreneurship;
                          • and finally Action & Public Policy.

                          JCSP is a new “projet collectif” on our campus! Eight students from Nancy are currently part of the permanent team based in Paris. The permanent staff is responsible for finding potential clients and keeping a good relation with our business partners.

                          Want to discover the world of business during your studies? Are you seeking enriching experiences and direct implementation of your knowledge? Then we look forward to your application to join our motivated team!


                            Recognised association
                            Nancy, Paris, Poitiers, Reims

                            We_Start is a student association that promotes digital entrepreneurship within Sciences Po and the parisian student entrepreneurial ecosystem.

                            Health / Fight against discrimination


                            Recognised association
                            Team project
                            Dijon, Nancy, Paris, Reims

                            Politiqu'elles is a mixed and apolitical youth network, working toward women empowerment in public and private realms. We aim at raising awareness among young people on persisting gender inequalities.

                            Universities Allied for Essential Medicines

                            Team project

                            UAEM (Universities Allied for Essential Medecines) is a global student movement founded in 2001 by law students at Yale University. Their goal is to fight for equal and fair access to medicines in the world.

                            Every year, the WHO estimates that 10 million people worldwide die from diseases that have been treated with existing medication. Not only are the prices of life-saving drugs unaffordable for a large portion of the world's population, but there is also a great lack of adequate and effective drugs for many diseases in the developing world. Research and development are only done in areas, where large profits are expected and not where most lives could be saved.

                            The Projet Collectif UAEM Sciences Po Nancy is one of the first local UAEM chapters in France. The group tries to increase awareness about these issues and speaks out against the global injustice.

                            Through our project, we want to discover the connections between development, health policy, law and a fairer pharmaceutical industry. UAEM is primarily aimed at students who are interested in humanitarian work in the context of NGOs and international organizations, as well as social, public and health policy. Additionally, the UAEM network is in close contact with the WHO and international organizations such as Médecins sans Frontières.