Your computer

How to obtain a computer for a new member of staff

The supervisor of the requesting service should contact the Helpdesk, specifying the equipment needed and the desired delivery date. Anticipate a processing time of 10 days for requests for standard equipment.

Upgrade requests

Computers are issued by the Information Systems Office (ISO) with a Sciences Po configuration that includes standard applications as well as anti-virus software, which is updated automatically. You should under no circumstances attempt to install new software without the consent of the ISO. This is the only way to guarantee the security of Sciences Po’s information systems.

All requests for upgrades must be approved by your supervisor, and by the budget coordinator if any costs are to be incurred. In the latter case, the purchase will take place only once the budget sent by the OSI has been approved by the budget coordinator.

Submit your requests to the Helpdesk: specify your needs, the budget unit if necessary, and the supervisor’s approval.


A technician will contact the person making the request to schedule an appointment. This person must be present at the time of the installation.

Replacement policy

Your machines are automatically replaced every 5 years. Requests for early equipment replacement will be handled based on a joint negotiation between the ISO and the office making the request, during the budget determination period.


For all requests related to your computer, contact the Helpdesk