Printing for students

Multifunction copiers


Multifunction copiers are available for student use. They can be used to make photocopies or to print from an open-access computer, in black & white or color, and in A4 or A3 formats.

Once you have sent the print request from your computer terminal you must execute the task, either by placing your student card on the copier or by logging in to the copier terminal.

An annual credit (valid from September 1 to August 31) is issued to each student, equivalent to 600 black & white A4 pages. You must therefore identify yourself (using your student card or login ID) at the copier. Copies in color and A3 format are more expensive. Once you have exhausted your credit, you must recharge your card at one of the dedicated machines.

Documentation, rates and recharging machines are located near the copiers.

The service is available in Paris, Reims and Menton as of the start of the 2012 academic year. For the other campuses, the services will be introduced in 2013.

Where can I find multifunction copiers?


The service is provided by a partner company. However, you can contact the Helpdesk with any requests