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Philippe Hayez

+33 1 42 98 97 94

Scientific Advisor of the Concentration in Intelligence, PSIA
Fall 2015:
  • Renseigner les démocraties, renseigner en démocratie
Fall 2016:
  • Renseigner les démocraties, renseigner en démocratie
Fall 2017:
  • Renseigner les démocraties, renseigner en démocratie
PSIA Programs: Concentration in Intelligence, Concentration in Global Risks


Mr Philippe Hayez has been serving as a French civil servant in the field of defense and security since 25 years. Born in 1961, a graduate of Sciences-Po Paris and the Ecole Nationale d’Administration, he is currently in the French senior civil service and was until 2006 Deputy Director for Collection & Analysis at the French External Intelligence Agency (Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure), where he spent most of the last decade. Previously, Mr HAYEZ has held several positions in the French ministries of defense and foreign affairs.

In addition to his present duties, Mr HAYEZ startedteaching a Master’s seminar on "the intelligence policies in western democracies" at Sciences Po’s Paris School of International Affairs(PSIA) in 2007. He is now coordinating PSIA’s Intelligence Concentration and has given regular lectures on intelligence and security matters in France and other European countries. Together with Jean-Claude COUSSERAN, he teaches since 2011 the course “Renseigner les démocraties, renseigner en démocratie”.


Among some of his latest contributions are to be mentioned:

- «Renseignement et intérêt national» dans Notre intérêt national de Thierry de MONTBRIAL et Thomas GOMART, Institut français de relations internationales, Odile Jacob, mars 2017, https://youtu.be/EDMi4OvtuNg

- «Les services de renseignement français, quel dispositif contre le terrorisme ?», Cahiers français n°395 «Les démocraties face au terrorisme», novembre 2016

 - «Le renseignement et le retour de l’exigence de sécurité intérieure», Annuaire français de relations internationales, Volume IX, Paris, juin 2016

- «French Intelligence» with H.DE MAULMIN, AFIO, http://www.afio.com/publications/HAYEZ%20de%20MAULMIN%20Guide%20to%20French%20Intel%20DRAFT%202014Sep01.pdfGuide to the Study of Intelligence, Washington DC, September 2014 and The Intelligencer, Summer 2015

- «National oversight of international intelligence cooperation» in H.BORN, I.LEIGH and A.WILLS, International Intelligence Cooperation and Accountability, Routledge, London, February 2011

- «Did you say «renseignement» ? The new French Intelligence Policy», International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence, n°3-23, Washington, Summer 2010

- «Fighting Terrorism in a Kantian world», Intelligencia y Seguridad: revista de analysis y prospectiva n°7, Madrid, December 2009-May 2010

- «Tribes in need of flags, the new French Intelligence Community», Conférence, Oxford Intelligence Group, NuffieldCollege (Oxford, UK), 21/05/2009 (http://www.nuffield.ox.ac.uk/OIG2/hayez2.pdf)



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