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Mark Lowenthal



Fall 2015:
  • Introduction to U.S. Intelligence
Fall 2016:
  • Introduction to U.S. Intelligence
Fall 2017:
  • Introduction to U.S. Intelligence
PSIA Programs: Concentration in Intelligence, Concentration in Latin American Studies



Mark Lowenthal is the President and CEO of the Intelligence & Security Academyin Arlington, Virginia.  His U.S. government service includes:  Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Analysis and Production; Vice Chairman for Evaluation, the National Intelligence Council; Staff Director of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence; Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Senior Specialist in U.S. Foreign Policy at the Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress.  Dr. Lowenthal's publications include Intelligence: From Secrets to Policy (Sage/CQ Press, 7th ed., 2016) and three novels:  Crispan Magicker (1979); and The Great God Pan  and Jack Dawkins: The Artful Dodger (both Kindle e-books).  In 1988, Dr. Lowenthal was the Grand Champion on Jeopardy!, the television quiz show.



From Secrets to Policy (7th rev. ed., 2016)

The 5 Disciplines of Intelligence Collection (2016)

Jack Dawkins:  The Artful Dodger (KIndle e-book, 2016)

The Great God Pan (Kindle e-book, 2012)

The U.S. Intelligence Community:  An Annotated Bibliography (1994)

Secrets of the JEOPARDY! Champions (co-author; 1992)

Leadership and Indecision:  American War Planning and Policy Process, 1937-1942 (1988)

U.S. Intelligence:  Evolution and Anatomy (1984; 2nd edition, revised, 1992)

Crispan Magicker (novel, 1979)



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