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Eckart Woertz




Eckart Woertz is a senior research fellow at the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB) and scientific advisor to the Kuwait Chair at SciencesPo. Formerly he was a visiting fellow at Princeton University, director of economic studies at the Gulf Research Center (GRC) in Dubai and worked for banks in Germany and the United Arab Emirates. He teaches at the Barcelona Institute of International Studies (IBEI) and is visiting faculty at the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) at SciencesPo during the spring semester 2014.

He is author of Oil for Food. The Global Food Crisis and the Middle East (Oxford University Press 2013) and editor of GCC Financial Markets (Berlin: Gerlach Press 2012). Articles of him have been published in Food Policy, Food Security, International Development Policy, Global Environment, Third World Quarterly, The International Jornal of Water Resources Management, Globalizations, The Brown Journal of World Affairs, Foreign Policy, Financial Times, The Handbook of Oil Politics and other edited volumes. He has been a commentator to international media outlets like BBC and Al Arabiya and has contributed to various policy papers.

He has consulted international and regional organizations such as the UNCTAD, the European Parliament, the Union for the Mediterranean, the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Saudi Ministry of Economy and Planning. His research interests include the political economy of the Middle East, food security, energy issues, economic diversification and sovereign wealth funds.

He serves on the editorial boards of Food Security and the Journal of Arabian Studies and holds a PhD in Economics from Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen-Nuremberg, where he conducted research about structural adjustment politics in Egypt. He can be followed on Twitter @eckartwoertz and at www.oiforfood.info.



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