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Daniel Brumberg



Spring 2016:
  • Dynamics of Change and Conflict in the Middle East
Spring 2017:
  • Conflict and Political Change in the Middle East
PSIA Program: Concentration in Middle Eastern Studies


Daniel Brumberg is a an Associate Professor of Government at Georgetown University and Director of Democracy and Governance Studies at Georgetown University. He is also a Special Adviser at the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) and a Senior Non-Resident Fellow on the Project on Middle EAst Democracy (POMED). Prior to coming to GU, he was a Visiting Professor in the Department of Political Science at Emory University, a Visiting Fellow in the Middle East Program in the Jimmy Carter Center, and a Lecturer at the University of Chicago's Social Science Masters Program. Brumberg is the author of Reinventing Khomeini, The Struggle for Reform in Iran, (University of Chicago Press), and the Co-Editor (with Dina Shehata) of Conflict, Identity and Reform in the Muslim World, Challenges for US Engagement (USIP Press). The author of numerous articles on political and social change in the Islamic world, Brumberg has served as a consultant to the US Department of State and the United States Agency for International Development. Along with Dr. Farideh Farhi he is currently finishing a co-edited book to be published in April 2016 by Indiana University Press, Power, Conflict and Conciliation: Dynamics of Change in Iran. A PhD from the University of Chicago, he speaks French and Arabic and has studied or worked in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. He lives in Washington DC with his wife Laurie, their son Gabriel and their two cats, Bisou and Jazzpurr.


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Publications: Journals

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Publications: Online Articles and Blogs:

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Publications: Book Chapters and Monographs:

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