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Antoine Bernard



Fall 2015:
  • The Role of NGO's in Human Rights Protection
Fall 2016:
  • The Role of NGO's in Human Rights Protection
Fall 2017:
  • The Role of NGO's in Human Rights Protection
PSIA Programs: Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action, Concentration in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action


Antoine Bernard, FIDH Ceo, FIDH (International Federation for Human rights)

Antoine Bernard, jurist, has been the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) Ceo since 2010, previously its executive director. Earlier a consultant with the United Nations as well as Paris 2 and Paris 10 International Law research centers, he has been teaching international human rights law and international relations for the past fifteen years. He also lectures at Paris 2 Human rights research center.

An actor of the international protection of human rights for the past twenty years, Mr. Bernard has been involved in many international missions and bridges on a daily basis local and international human rights actors. He specialized in international human rights law, international humanitarian law, and international criminal law and developed FIDH's approach to the protection of human rights defenders, individual criminal accountability for international crimes, transitional justice, transnational corporations' responsibility and strategic litigation. He has represented FIDH with law enforcement officials, the International Criminal Court's Prosecutor, the United Nations Special Representative on Business and human rights' Leadership group, the Advisory board (as its chair, 2008/2012) of the Global Social Compliance Program, the French National Consultative Commission on Human Rights. A Steering committee member of the World movement for democracy, he also litigates as a legal representative before international institutions.

Mr. Bernard has published many articles on the role of civil society, international criminal justice, and human rights standards and practice. His latest publications in English : “To repair, prevent and sanction: what can be expected from international criminal justice,” with Karine Bonneau in Making peace, edited by G.Devin at Palgrave McMillan, 2011, and in French : Le recours à la justice internationale et la prévention des conflits, avec Sidiki Kaba, in Les déterminants des conflits et les nouvelles formes de prévention, Bruylant, 2013




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