PSIA Faculty Awards

Join us in congratulating the recipients of our PSIA Faculty Awards, attributed based on several years of student feedback. The faculty and courses listed below have shone through as the most valued and recognized for their contribution across all Master and Concentration programs.

We are very thankful to our faculty community for their continued dedication to PSIA, and for their commitment to training the next generation of leaders in international affairs.

Spring Semester 2017

(List by alphabetical order)

Jean-Christophe ALQUIER for his course « Management de crise et communication institutionnelle »

Amandine BARTHELEMY for her course « Innovation sociale et entrepreneuriat social : fondamentaux et mise en pratique »

Nadine BRET-ROUZAUT and Arash FARNOOSH for their course « Oil and Gas Upstream Industry: Business, Strategy and Finance »

Michel COLOMBIER for his course « The Politics of Climate Change »

Thierry CORNILLE for his course « Outils de gestion »

Olivier DE SCHUTTER for his course « Global Hunger »

Cyril DELHAY, Hervé PATA and David JACQUIN for their courses « Atelier d'art oratoire » and « Public Speaking Workshop »

Fouad EL-KHATIB for his course « Weapons of Mass Destruction Counter-proliferation: interdiction, deterrence and defense »

Jean-Marie FAUGERE for his course « L'élaboration d'un système de force militaire »

Gilles FAVAREL-GARRIGUES for his course « Violence et société en Russie post-soviétique »

Isabelle FOUCHARD for her course « Justice pénale internationale »

Bruno FOUCHER for his course « Relations internationales: lignes de fracture et régulations aujourd'hui »

Robin GEISS for his course « International Law and Security »

Michael GOODMAN and Huw DYLAN for their course « Warning Failure and Surprise Attack »

Christophe JAFFRELOT for his course« Pakistan at the crossroads – once again »

Riva KASTORYANO for her course « The Question of Minority, The Turkish Case in comparative Perspective »

Renaud LAPEYRE, Yann LAURANS and Julien ROCHETTE for their course « Biodiversity Law and Policy »

Agnès LEVALLOIS and Luc BATIGNE for their course « Les services de renseignement et de sécurité du monde arabo-musulman : acteurs du pouvoir/facteurs de changement »

William MAKO for his course « Country Development Strategies: the HRV Framework »

Tatiana MITROVA for her course « Energy in Russia and FSU »

Andrew MURRAY for his course « Cyber Law »

François NICOULLAUD, Henri LANDES, Elsa MAURUS and Paul VIALARD for their course « Simulation Workshop: the Iranian case »

David OMAND for his course « Secret Intelligence in the Digital Age »

Lex PAULSON for his course « Advocacy: Philosophy and Practice »

Louis PIZARRO for his course « Non State Actors in Global Health »

Victor POULIQUEN for his course « Evaluating social programs : Randomized Experiments »

Salvatore SAGUES and Gaëtan MOOTOO for their course « Conceptual Foundations for Human Rights Advocacy »

Agnès SINAI and Luc SEMAL for their course « Théories et politiques de la décroissance »

Jeanne SULZER for her course « Victims Rights, International Criminal Law and Proceedings »

Thomas TARI for his course « Mapping controversies: Counting the Dead »

Yves TROTIGNON and Guillaume DELBAUFFE for their course « Terrorisme et contre-terrorisme à l’heure du jihadisme »

Michel YAKOVLEFF for his course « Use of Armed Forces »