PSIA Faculty Awards

Join us in congratulating the recipients of our PSIA Faculty Awards, attributed based on several years of student feedback. The faculty and courses listed below have shone through as the most valued and recognized for their contribution across all Master and Concentration programs.

We are very thankful to our faculty community for their continued dedication to PSIA, and for their commitment to training the next generation of leaders in international affairs.

Spring Semester 2016

(List by alphabetical order)

Olivier BEGUIN for his course "Accounting"

Ilf  BENCHEIKH and Victor POULIQUEN for their course "Evaluating social programs : Randomized Experiments"

Guillaume  BLANC for his course "Governing nature and Africa since colonization: introduction to African environmental history"

Thierry BROS for his course "Gas Investment Evaluation"

Thierry  CORNILLE for his course "Outils de gestion"

Howard DAVIES for his course "The Changing Political Economy of Central Banking"

Olivier DE SCHUTTER for his course "Global Hunger"

Cyril DELHAY for his course "Atelier d'art oratoire"

Cyril DELHAY, David JACQUIN and Hervé PATA for their course "Public Speaking Workshop"

Anja DUROVIC and Asmaa JABER for their course "Statistiques d'enquêtes"

Gilles FAVAREL-GARRIGUES for his course "Violence et société en Russie post-soviétique"

Jean-Philippe GANASCIA for his course "Lectures opérationnelles d'actions sécuritaires en Afrique de l'Ouest et Centrale"

François GEMENNE and Caroline ZICKGRAF for their course "Environment and Migration"

Fabio  GENOESE for his course "Economics of New Energy Technologies & Policy Instruments"

Manfred HAFNER for his course "Decarbonisation scenarios and renewable energy sources"

Ian HOPWOOD for his course "The Politics and Practice of Child Rights in Africa – Rhetoric and Reality"

Vincent JACQUES LE SEIGNEUR for his course "Energies renouvelables: opportunité ou nécessité?"

Andrew JAMES for his course "The Political Economy of the Defence Industry"

Francis KPATINDE for his course "Le contrôle des élections en Afrique au Sud du Sahara"

Guillaume LACHENAL for his course "Global health in Africa: critical perspectives"

Henri LANDES and Johann MARGULIES for their course "From Local to Global: Decision Making for the Environment"

Renaud LAPEYRE for his course "Development and Common pool resources management"

Sandrine LEFRANC for her course "Justice transitionnelle (Afrique et Amérique Latine)"

Agnès LEVALLOIS and Luc BATIGNE for her course "Les services de renseignement et de sécurité du monde arabo-musulman : acteurs du pouvoir/facteurs de changement"

Francesco MARCHI for his course "EU Negotiations in a Global Context"

Patrice MITRANO for his course "Cartographier l'international"

Tatiana MITROVA for her course "Energy in Russia and FSU "

Catherine MORIN and Dominique DE SAINT SERNIN for their course "Outils de gestion"

Anna NEISTAT and Ole SOLVANG for their course "Investigate, Expose, Change: Foundations of Human Rights Work"

David OMAND for his course "Understanding Modern Intelligence Analysis"

Lex PAULSON for his course "Advocacy: Philosophy and Practice"

Ursula PLASSNIK for her course "Challenges for tomorrow's diplomacy"

Cyrille POIRIER-COUTANSAIS and Alexia POGNONEC for their course "Economie maritime"

Beatriz PONT for her course "Trends in Comparative Education Policy"

Morgan POULIZAC for his course "Urbanisme"

Grégory QUENET for his course "A l’origine de la crise écologique : pour une histoire environnementale"

Frédéric RAMEL for his course "Art et relations internationales"

Didier SCHLACTHER for his course "Outils quantitatifs niveau I"

Luc SEMAL and Agnès SINAI for their course "Théories et politiques de la décroissance"

Romain SLITINE and Amandine BARTHELEMY for their course "Innovation sociale et entrepreneuriat social : fondamentaux et mise en pratique"

Jeanne SULZER for her course "Victims Rights, International Criminal Law and Proceedings"

Stéphane TESSIER and Sandra ALIBERTI for their course "Interventions pédagogiques en santé auprès des populations très précarisées"

Jean-Claude THOMANN for his course "Emploi de la force armée"


Fall Semester 2015

(List by alphabetical order)

Stéphanie BALME for her course « Chinese Politics and Governance » 

Richard BANEGAS for his course « Citoyenneté, violence et changement politique en Afrique » 

Olivier BEGUIN for his course « Accounting » 

Anyssa BELLAL and William SCHABAS for their course « Law and Conflict » 

Christelle BITOUZET for her course « Building long-term relationships and sharing value with stakeholders in an international environment » 

Karl BLANCHET for his course « Health systems assessment and humanitarian health interventions » 

Philip BREEDEN for his course « US Diplomacy in an Age of Engagement: Case Studies and Practical Exercises » 

Julia CAGE for her course « Development Economics: Macroeconomic and Political Economic Issues » 

Bruno CAUTRES for his course « Statistics and Data Analysis for Policymakers » 

Olivier COMPAGNON for his course « Penser l'Amérique latine contemporaine: 2015 - 1890 » 

Jean-Claude COUSSERAN and Philippe HAYEZ for their course « Renseigner les démocraties, renseigner en démocratie » 

Howard DAVIES for his course « Global Financial Regulation » 

Cyril DELHAY, David JACQUIN and Hervé PATA for their course « Public Speaking Workshop » 

Vincent DESPORTES for his course « Stratégie comparée » 

Jean-Jacques GABAS and Vincent GERONIMI for their course « Institutions et politiques du développement » 

Fawaz GERGES for his course « International Relations in the Middle East » 

Pierre GROSSER for his course « Héritages stratégiques  du XXème siècle » 

Ronald HATTO for his course « Understanding Use of Force » 

Jean Baptiste JEANGENE VILMER for his course « International Humanitarian Law » 

Jean-Noël JOUZEL for his course « Risques et expertise: introduction à la sociologie de l'environnement » 

Hazem KANDIL for his course « Revolution and Resilience in the Middle East » 

Stéphane LACROIX for his course « The Political Sociology of the State in the Contemporary Arab World » 

Giacomo LUCIANI for his course « Politics and Economics of International Energy » 

Jérôme MATHIS for his course « Game Theory in the International Arena » 

Miguel-Angel MORATINOS for his course « Theory and Practice of Diplomacy » 

Eleanor MORRISON for her course « Energy Economics » 

Aryeh NEIER, Shami CHAKRABARTI, Mark ELLIS, Tawanda MUTASAH and Peter NOORLANDER for their course « Promoting Human Rights: History, Law, Methods and Current Controversies » 

Jean-Michel OUDOT for his course « Defense and Security Economics » 

Marion PECHAYRE for her course « Management de Projet Humanitaire » 

Nicolas PEJOUT for his course « “D4D” - Digital for Development : hands-on projects to foster development
though IT

Jean PLICHON for his course « Project Management and Sustainable Development » 

Michel SAUQUET and Martin VIELAJUS for their course « L'intelligence interculturelle : travailler au contact d'autres cultures » 

William SCHABAS for his course « International Human Rights Law » 

Didier SCHLACTHER for his course « Outils quantitatifs - niveau 1 » 

Vanessa SCHERRER, Peter HERRLY and Ronald HATTO for their course « Global Issues and Leadership: A joint transatlantic course » with Joe Bankoff, Dean of the Nunn School of International Affairs, Georgia Tech  

Jérôme SGARD for his course « Reforms and Growth in Emerging Economies » 

Stephen SMITH for his course « Introduction to Environmental Economics for Beginners: Principles and Policy Applications » 

Bruno STAGNO UGARTE for his course « Grand Strategy in Diplomacy Past and Present » 

Michael TOPOLNYTSKY for his course « Leading Change »