A global school based in Paris, PSIA attracts the best students and faculty world-wide, and has an international student population that exceeds 70%. With more than 1300 students coming from 100 different countries, PSIA is the only school of international affairs in France, and among the largest in Europe.

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“I could not have asked for a more wide-ranging and enriching educational experience than the one provided by the Paris School of International Affairs. The Masters programme manages to be challenging and fun, academic and practical, career-oriented and intellectually stimulating, all at the same time. For two years I have been in the heart of Paris, surrounded by an eclectic and international student body, learning from the best and generally having the time of my life. I would recommend PSIA to anyone who asks.”

Edwin, PSIA '15, Master's in International Development, Concentrations in Emerging Economies and Middle East, Cum Laude.

“The mantra of PSIA is really that although the problems are global, the solutions must be local and relative to cultural, political, and social specificities.”   

Anjuli Pandit, PSIA '13, Master's in International Public Management.

  • Interview with Roxanne Kovacs, PSIA '15, Master's in International Development, Concentrations in Methods and Global Health, Summa Cum Laude.
  • Where can a PSIA degree take you? Interview with Tore Hamming, PSIA '14, Master's in International Security, Concentrations in Middle East and Africa, Cum Laude.

Student Orientation

PSIA welcomes all incoming students every year on orientation day, held a few days before classes begin.

Outstanding student work

Outstanding student work is regularly showcased here.


Organizations and publications

As part of PSIA's platform for public debate, students have a wide array of opportunities outside of the classroom to explore their interests, attend lectures, and participate in student organizations. With Paris as their intellectual base, students frequently interact with world leaders and scholars through PSIA's extensive series of public events.

The PSIA Student Council works towards the goals of cohesiveness, productivity, and fun for the student body. Its committees are

  • PSIAtmosphere, who organize the Gala and other social events throughout the year; 
  • Int'Lab, charged with organizing conferences and publishing the Paris Review of International Affairs;
  • Networkeen, who support students' professional development and initiate networking events. 

Find the PSIA Student Council on Facebook at PSIA Student Council, email them at, or visit their website to learn more.