PSIASpirit Network

The PSIASpirit Network is a graduate buddy program, designed for PSIA students as a great occasion for incoming students from all Masters at PSIA to make the most of the diverse international community by being connected to peers in an informal setting, early in the first semester.

Once you have applied to the PSIASpirit Network you will be matched to a group with about five other students. Each group will host a mix of international students and French students. PSIA will match you primarily with other students based on your field of interest (masters and concentration programs mostly).   

Pairing will take place before the start of the Fall semester.

How do I register?

To register for the PSIASpirit Network, an online survey will be opened in the coming weeks. Please check this webpage again regularly.

Please note that by registering, you will agree to have your name, Sciences Po email address and PSIA program given to the 4 other members of your group. All students in the program will receive via their Sciences Po email account the name and contact details of their group before the end of July.  

Once you have been assigned to a buddy group, you will be entirely free to engage in activities you wish to undertake and how often you want to meet. At the beginning of the fall semester, PSIA will also organize one “buddy mingle” for the newly formed groups.

Other ways to meet students on arrival at Sciences Po through the university-wide Buddy Program