Office of the Dean and Academic Advisors

Office of the Deans:

Enrico Letta is the Dean of the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) and the former Prime Minister of Italy.

Vanessa Scherrer is the Vice Dean of the Paris School of International Affairs, and a member of the faculty of Sciences Po.  

Isabelle Patti is the Executive Assistant to Dean Enrico Letta and to the Vice-Dean, Vanessa Scherrer.

Academic Advisors and Assistant Deans:

Elisabeth Andreoletti-Cheng is the Academic Advisor for the Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action, the Master in Environmental Policy and the Dual Degree program Sciences et politiques de l'environnement. She is also the Academic Advisor for the Concentrations in African Studies, Latin American Studies, China and East Asian Studies and South and Central Asian Studies and Environment.

Dania Del Ben is the Academic Advisor for the Master in International Public Management and the Master in International Energy, and the concentration programs in International Energy, Global Risks, Project Management, European Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, North American Studies, and Russian Studies. 

Audrey Giacomini is the Academic Advisor for the Master in International Security as well as for the Concentrations in Intelligence, Economics of Defense and Methods. 

Catarina Laranjeira is the Academic Advisor for the Master in International Economic Policy and the Master in International Development, and for the Concentrations in Agriculture, Emerging Economies, Global Economic Policy, and Global Health. 

Kate Vivian is the Senior Assistant Dean for Careers, Admissions and Communications.

Administrative Managers:

Nathalie Corvée is the Manager for Administrative Faculty Affairs.

Marie-Zénaïde Jolys is the Manager of the Kuwait Program at Sciences Po.