Laura Morris
Master: International Security
Concentrations: African Studies, Human Rights

The place(s) I call home

Washington D.C.

Prior to PSIA I was

Working at NGO’s: particularly related to conflict resolution and African Affairs; a highly competitive swimmer.


My life at PSIA

I chose my program because It was the perfect fit! I wanted a truly international program that would take me out of my American bubble and surround me with interesting international students; I wanted to gain full French proficiency; I wanted a program that mixed Academics with well qualified practitioners (PSIA’s practitioners are the best) and I wanted a program that had a strong connection with the United Nations and other International Organizations….PSIA is all of those things.

What has been your most meaningful/fulfilling experience at PSIA (ex: gap years, internships, team projects etc.)?
I do not think I can pick one: from spending my 3rd semester in Abidjan working on conflict resolution and peacebuilding; from taking part in the Tocqueville Challenge with Engie (then GDF Suez); to class discussions full of opinions from students from all parts of the world; to coffee breaks after full days in the library- my 4 semesters as PSIA were all fully meaningful.



My objectives

What are your future career objectives: Work in West Africa and work for the UN….I did it! I am a Reports officer for the United Nations World Food Programme based in Bamako, Mali. I really believe PSIA gave me the tools, the skills and the knowledge to be able to excel in this type of position! What are your academic interests? African Affairs and issues within peace and conflict.

My best tips

My most inspiring class so far has been: Professor Ghassan Salamé’s class on Diplomacy and Beyond: Mixing International Theory with Practice. I have a fair amount of practical experience- but this class taught me how to mix theory and practice together in order to understand current events. My key to success at PSIA: Motivation and support from my fellow classmates: the feeling of family and togetherness among PSIA students enhanced my abilities to work successfully at the master’s level.

My life outside PSIA

Recent “study breaks” include:  Watching Paris Fashion Week!

What do you like best about Paris: Long walks along the Seine.