Enrico Stretti
Master: International Energy
Concentrations: International Energy

The place(s) I call home

Milan, Italy

Prior to PSIA I was

I studied at Bocconi and Ivey Business School, Canada, as an exchange student. Prior to that I joined the Air Force as a cadet in a military high school in Florence.


My life at PSIA

I chose my program because: Energy is extremely interesting, both from the technical and economic point of view. Moreover, it is integral for every economy in the world and has a strong geopolitical affect. Attending the master in International Energy at Sciences Po, with its rigorous education, international student community and reputation, was a unique opportunity.

What has been your most meaningful/fulfilling experience at PSIA (ex: gap years, internships, team projects etc.)? Talking to other students during breaks/group projects, learning about their experiences and sharing views with them.

My objectives

What are your future career objectives? I am currently doing an internship with BNP Paribas Corporate&Investment banking, in the unit that finances energy projects (project finance). Later on, my goal is to work for an energy company to deepen my knowledge of the energy sector. What are your academic interests? Economics of energy, energy politics and diplomacy.

My best tips

My most inspiring class so far has been: Energy Security by prof. Nachet. I really enjoyed the course, and consequently decided to do my thesis at Bocconi on: “Italy’s gas security of supply and investment needs”. My key to success at PSIA: Ask for feedback on your work from your professors and colleagues. Study hard, but remember to enjoy Paris too!

My life outside PSIA

Recent “study breaks” include: Enjoying the vibrant Parisian night life with friends, Sunday picnics and visiting French cities.

What do you like best about Paris: Walking along the Seine, it is just magic!