Local job market conditions & recidivism

This project won the 2014 LIEPP call for project

Research team: Roberto Galbiati (OSC/Dpt.Eco/SciencesPo), Aurelie Ouss (U.of Chicago Crime Lab) and Arnaud Philippe (Paris1/CREST)

While theoretically important, the relationship between crime and employment is difficult to measure empirically. This project addresses major identification challenges by exploiting high frequency data of daily online postings on job openings and closings at the county level, merged with individual-level administrative data about all inmates released from French prisons. 


GALBIATI, Roberto, Aurélie OUSS, and Arnaud PHILIPPE. “Jobs, News and Re-Offending after Incarceration.” LIEPP Working Paper 41. Paris: Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Public Policies, November 2015