Workshop on Long-term perspectives on parliaments and governments

From March 26th 2 p.m. to March 27th 2 p.m.
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"Workshop on Long-term perspectives on parliaments and governments"

The workshop is co-organized by LIEPP and the Norwegian Institute in Paris
from March 26th to March 27th 2018 

[language: English]

The conference will be focussed on the notion of long-term trends related to legislatures either by analysing parliaments (or MPs or executive/legislative relations) with a long temporal perspective (from 50 years to 200) or by considering the impact on historical events and choices made in parliament. A major stake of the conference is therefore to assess why and how historical arrangements may impact legislatures decades after having been taken. The institutional and sociological aspects of such long-term trends will be considered with several presentations focussed on European legislatures.

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