How to evaluate the implementation of equality policies?

LIEPP seminar on March 10th, 16:30-18:30
  • Actualité Sciences PoActualité Sciences Po

LIEPP's Discriminations and Category-Based Policies Research Group ins happy to invite you to the seminar:

How to evaluate the implementation of equality policies?

Tuesday March 10th 2020, 16:30 - 18:30

LIEPP conference room

254, boulevard Saint Germain - 1er étage

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Launch of Special Issue of French Politics: "Does Policy Implementation in Gender Equality Policy Matter in France: A Cross Sectoral Approach" 

  • Presentation of the project and the dossier by Amy Mazur
  • Discussion of the case studies and their implications in the presence of several of the authors

Table of contents of the dossier

Special Issue: Does Policy Implementation in Gender Equality Policy Matter in France: A Cross Sectoral Approach

  • The Search for the Elusive Recipe for Success in Gender Equality Policy: Making Implementation Matter

Amy G. Mazur ( WSU/ LIEPP) and Isabelle Engeli (Exeter University).

  • Party Penalties for Parity: Less Than Meets the Eye 

Amy G. Mazur (WSU/ LIEPP), Eléonore Lépinard (Université de Lausanne), Anja Durovic (CEE- Sciences Po), Catherine Achin (IRISSO-Dauphine);Sandrine  Lévêque (CRPS-la Sorbonne)

  • Gender Quotas in the French Bureaucratic Elite: The Soft Power of Restricted Coercion

Alban Jacquemart (Paris Dauphine) Anne Revillard (Sciences Po, OSC- LIEPP),  Laure Bereni (CNRS)

  • Elder Care Allowances in Action:  Missed Opportunities for Gender Transformation

Clémence Ledoux (Université de Nantes)  and Annie Dussuet (Université de Nantes)

  • Pay Equity Through Collective Bargaining: When Voluntary State Feminism Meets Selective Business Practice

Delphine Brochard, (Université de Paris 1), Sophie Pochic, (CNRS/EHESS/ENS),   and Marion Charpenel (Centre Maurice Halbwachs) 

  • Cross-Sectoral Training to Reduce Violence Against Women: A New Feminist Opportunity?

Pauline Delage  (Université de Lausanne) et Gwenaëlle Perrier (Université de Paris  13)

  • Forced Marriage and Gender Transformation: Feminist State and Civil Society Networks at the Local Level

Gill Allwood (Nottingham Trent University) and Khursheed Wadia (University of  Warwick)

  • The Feminist Potential of New Anti-prostitution Policy: A Critical Juncture for Concrete Reform 

Emily St. Denny  (University of Stirling)

Review Articles

  • How do political elites persist? Political selection, political inequality and empirical historical research

Brenda Van Coppenolle

  • Beyond a “gesture”: the treatment of the symbolic in public policy analysis

Laurie Boussaguet and Florence Faucher

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