Project manager

Office: F406

Pierre-Henri Bono is an econometrician specialized in public policy evaluation in the field of housing policy.



Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Sonja Avlijaš is a post-doctoral research fellow at LIEPP since October 2016. She defended her PhD in political economy at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in December 2015. Sonja’s research focuses on how the experience of post-socialist transition in Eastern Europe can help us to understand the evolution of capitalist political economies in the era of globalisation. Her PhD thesis examined how the type of economic development strategy a country pursues shapes women’s labour market opportunities. At LIEPP, she assists Prof. Bruno Palier on projects focusing on the interactions between the welfare state and the new economy. She also conducts her own research on the politics of social investment.



Clément Pin, researcher at LIEPP, won the call for application launched by the French Ministry of Higer Education and Research to conduct an evaluation of simplication plan in higher education and research.