Study in Canada

Points to remember when preparing to study in Canada.


You need to request a Canadian study permit. Students going to Quebec will also need a Quebec acceptance certificate (CAQ).


UHIP (the University Health Insurance Plan) covers your medical and hospital expenses during your stay in Canada, including basic doctors’ visits. UHIP is mandatory, and it is unnecessary to get any other health insurance for the academic year. UHIP cover begins on the 11th day of the month before the start of your study programme.

Information for French students going to Quebec (FR).

More information on health and insurance.


Unless otherwise stated and despite a very high rate of placement of international students on university campuses in Canada, there is usually no prior commitment from the host university to accommodate its international students on campus.

Choice of courses

Each university determines the course load required for a student to be considered full-time on a given programme.

Check the rules for validating the third year of Undergraduate College or a Master’s semester abroad.

Working in Canada

Information on the student work permit