Urban Planning Programme

Prepare for careers in urban planning, development and real estate


Today, the production, transformation and management of cities calls for a cross-cutting skill set that combines technical expertise, understanding of major socio-economic issues and the ability to negotiate and participate in complex decision-making systems.

The Sciences Po Urban Planning Programme has been training professionals to meet these challenges for over forty years. It combines a solid foundation in the social sciences with the acquisition of professional skills

  • in urban planning: urban design and project management
  • in urban development: operational and contracting authority responsibilities
  • in real estate.

Condensed into three semesters, this intensive, multidisciplinary programme enables students to achieve professional competence in the legal, economic and technical dimensions of urban development and renewal.

Programme structure:

Orientations & career opportunities

The curriculum covers urban planning and development, the real estate industry and housing, urban renewal, transport and urban design. It trains all students in urban project management, from design to implementation.

The course prepares students for senior roles in design and engineering firms, the public sector and private companies: urban and regional planners, land use planners, real estate developers and managers, managers of local authorities.

Target students

The Urban Planning Programme is open to students who have completed the first year of a Master's degree in any discipline and willing to commit to a demanding course of study. It also welcomes students with a few years of professional experience.

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