Context / Background

Faced with the unprecedented political, humanitarian and legal challenges posed by the current migration waves reaching its shores and borders, the European Union and its member states are engulfed in deeply divisive debates about citizenship, identity, and appropriate European policies and legal frameworks surrounding the entry, residence and deportation of migrants. In the meantime, civil society initiatives have flourished, offering concrete solutions on the ground and at the multiple “borders” of these migration waves.

The Migrations program offers Sciences Po students an opportunity to actively support French NGOs specialized in defending rights of migrants, refugees or asylum seekers through legal aid, social assistance, research and advocacy. Students participating in the program, supervised by our clinical team, will directly take part in various aspects of this work, including legal/social assistance to migrants.

Students will also be involved in research projects on various migration-related issues, such as deportation, administrative detention, or the legal framework of emergency housing for refugees. These projects will be carried out in partnership with NGOs, the Excellence Chair of Sorbonne Paris Cité on « Being European.

Legal Regimes, Ways of Belonging, Forms of Existence » directed by Professor Loic Azoulai, or following an independent research agenda. The Migrations program combines direct support to migrants’ rights on the ground, a pedagogical space for critical reflection, and a laboratory of applied research that can contribute to ongoing policy debates and advocacy.

As an example of research, read the first completed study carried out by the Clinic the deterrent effect of immigration detention in France (PDF in French, 703 ko)  (directed by Dr. Charles Gosme within the Denizen program, predecessor to the Migrations program, and carried out in partnership with France Terre d’Asile).

Eligible students

The Migrations program, like all programs of the Sciences Po Law School Clinic, is an intensive program mixing theory and practice, carried out over the entire academic year. Each semester includes a 24h clinical seminar, taught by Karine Parrot (Fall) and Me Christophe Pouly (Spring), as well as a minimum of half a day per week of projects-related work throughout the year.

Students of the Sciences Po Law School, PSIA, and the Master in European Affairs are eligible to the program, and will be rigorously selected following criteria of skills, background experience and motivation. Fluency in French and English is required. Professors Jeremy Perelman, Horatia Muir-Watt and Loïc Azoulai, as well as Karine Parrot, Christophe Pouly and Véronica Corcodel, are in charge of curriculum development and pedagogical supervision..