HEDG project

Human rights, Economic Development and Globalization

Project 1 : Researching privatisation in education: francophone network and global case-law

This project is the continuation of two projects already hosted by HEDG the past two years within the frame of a partnership with the GI-ESCR. Students work this year on researching case-law relating to the impact of privatization of the educational sector on the right to education as provided for in the International Covenant for economic, social and cultural rights. The research focuses on francophone countries.
The objective of the project is the constitution of a case-law data base but also of network gathering scholars and actors interested in the privatization of education issue. The project will consist in the drafting and setting up of a platform of communication related to this topic (a blog or a website for example), as well as the organization of an event gathering the actors interested by the project in order to lauch a deep reflection on the new issues raised by the privatisation of the educational sector.

Project 2 : Economic, social and cultural rights in Côte d'Ivoire

This project consists in promoting economic, social and cultural rights in Côte d'Ivoire, which is a State party to the International Covenant on economic, social and cultural rights but failed to fulfill its reporting obligations in the past years.
More precisely, the students will have to draft a report in partnership with the NGO Human Dignity and the Mouvement Ivoirien des Droits Humains. This report will assess the government's failure to fulfill its obligations in the implementation of the International Covenant on economic, social and cultural rights and make recommendations accordingly. This report will be submitted to the ivoirian governement, to the United Nations Comittee on economic, social and cultural rights and to the office of the High-Commissioner for Human Rights in charge of the reinforcement of treaty bodies.
The second step of the project will consist in the elaboration of advocacy strategies which will accompany the report, in particular with the United Nations Comittee on economic, social and cultural rights and at a national level.

Project 3 – Framing SLAPPs or judiciary repression of political discourse in France.

The topic of this project is innovative and quite unknown in France : strategic law suits against public participation (« SLAPP ») refer to law suits or threat of law suits by private companies against actors of the public debate (associations, NGOs, individuals...) who criticize practices of these companies.
The project's objective consists in an analysis of SLAPP practices in France and the formulation of propositions of judiciary or legislative actions which allow the struggle against such practices in France and in Europe.
The project will consist in the drafting of a position paper including an overview of interviews of the main actors involved in this kind of procedures and a comparative analysis of existing associative and legislative initiatives.

Project 4 : Congo Power Project

This project consists in the documentation of Democratic Republic of the Congo's paradox of plenty : indeed, this country has tremendous natural resources, particularly hydroelectric thanks the the Congo River, but has an electrification rate not exceeding 10%.
The first part of the project consists in researching two specific issues related to the natural resources paradox in the DRC from which will be drafted two « mapping stories » or two articles with mapping references. This year, the two issues dealt with are on the one hand the legal and practical means to ensure that a part of the production of electricity will actually reach the Congolese population and on the other hand the financing of Inga I and II hydroelectric dams rehabilitation projects and the construction of Inga III dam.
The second part of the project, in cooperation with congolese researchers, focuses more on a legal and economic analysis of specific hydroelectric investments in the DRC.

Project 5 : Human Rights Impact Assessment Methodology (common project between RISE and HEDG)

The aim of this project is to initiate a human rights impact assessment on a large scale in a multinational french company, being both in line with best internationally recognized standards and adapted to the context on the ground of an investment project in Indonesia.
More precisely, the aim is to design a tool allowing self-realization, by the different ground actors (companies, NGOs, governments...), of human rights impact assessment of the project at the local communities level and beyond. Students will have to realize ground studies in order to test and apply the model to a real situation and adapt it if needed.