Matteo Del Fabbro

2015-09 - 2017-04

Visiting PhD Candidate

Gran Sasso Science Institute, Politiques Urbaines

Picture of Matteo Del FabbroMatteo is currently a PhD candidate in urban studies at the Gran Sasso Science Institute in L'Aquila, Italy. His main topic of research is metropolisation and its consequences on the governance of urban agglomerations. His thesis focuses on how different urban sub-systems "neighbourhoods"? interact among themselves and with the metropolis as a whole, and how these dynamics are taken (or not) into account by the institution of metropolitan governments.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities (University of Milan, 2009), and followed this up with a Master's degree in Geography (University of Strasbourg, 2012). Matteo worked as a journalist for newspapers and radio stations in Milan (2007-2010), and as an urban policy practitioner for a consulting firm in Lyon, France (2012).

Research Interest

Metropolisation; metropolitan governance; urban agglomerations; European cities; polycentric urban systems; conceptualisations and representations of the city; everyday spatial practices; neighbourhoods; well-being;


Del Fabbro M., Concettualizzazioni e rappresentazioni dell'area urbana di Milano (Conceptualisations and Representations of Milan Urban Area),GSSI Urban Studies Working Papers, 13 | 2015.


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