Matteo Del Fabbro

2015-09 - 2017-04

Visiting PhD Candidate

Gran Sasso Science Institute, Politiques Urbaines

Picture of Matteo Del FabbroMatteo Del Fabbro, PhD candidate in Urban Studies and Regional Science at Gran Sasso Science Institute – GSSI, L’Aquila (Italy), has just concluded his research stay at Sciences Po’s CEE. Matteo enjoyed the status of visiting doctoral fellow for a longer period than what initially scheduled, as a consequence of the intense scientific exchanges he has been developing with CEE’s academic members and doctoral fellows.

Matteo Del Fabbro worked especially with his academic referent at CEE, Marco Cremaschi, and with Tommaso Vitale, Associate Professor of Sociology at CEE, who accepted to take up the role of thesis supervisor.  Under their guidance and with their support, Matteo Del Fabbro developed two new research pieces and carried out the fieldwork of his doctoral research in the metropolitan area of Milan.  

He formally contributed to the CEE’s scientific activities through the presentation of his findings, at different stages of consolidation, on the economic geography of the Milan metropolitan region:

  • at the CEE’s cycle of doctoral seminars (semdoc), with a presentation on “Conceptualisations and Representations of Complex Metropolitan Systems. The case of Milan” (15 December 2015);
  • at a doctoral seminar of the Cities are back in town research program, with a presentation on “Urban geographical systems and metropolitan spatial strategies in Milan, 2000-2011” (8 February 2017).

Matteo succesfully defended his thesis titled “Transforming Proximity. Local actors enacting territorial strategies and restructuring policy-making in metropolitan Milan”, and supervised by Tommaso Vitale, on 6 July 2017 at the Gran Sasso Science Institute of L'Aquila. The jury was composed by Barbara Pizzo (La Sapienza University, Rome), Alessandro Coppola (Milan Polytechnic University), Nicola Bellini (Sant'Anna School of Pisa), Giulio Giovannoni (University of Florence), Francesco Chiodelli (Gran Sasso Science Institute).

Research Interest

Metropolisation; metropolitan governance; urban agglomerations; European cities; polycentric urban systems; conceptualisations and representations of the city; everyday spatial practices; neighbourhoods; well-being;


Del Fabbro M., Concettualizzazioni e rappresentazioni dell'area urbana di Milano (Conceptualisations and Representations of Milan Urban Area),GSSI Urban Studies Working Papers, 13 | 2015.

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