International undergraduate admissions: a two steps process

Qualifying for admission

Applications are pre-selected based on the combination of their strengths: academic performance, achievements and development in the classroom, extracurricular activities, motivation, personal objectives and the pertinence of these pursuits in correlation to the programme the student intends on being a part of.

The application form will therefore be used to assess the following:

  • the academic background of the applicant
  • the results obtained during secondary school studies
  • language level
  • motivation to pursue studies at Sciences Po
  • the relevance of career objectives to the vision of the campus

Applicants whose file is pre-selected will be invited to an interview.


Applicants are informed via email whether or not they have been pre-selected. Shortlisted applicants are invited to an interview organized in different cities around the world.

The admission interview is conducted by a panel of three members: a representative of the President of Sciences Po and two professors or professionals. It involves a commentary on a press article in French, English, or another language depending on the language requirements of the campus (refer to the prerequisites of each programme for more information on languages).

Applicants are given 30 minutes to review the text after which they must present a structured analysis in a 10 minute exposé. A discussion of 20 minutes ensues during which the panel will ask questions regarding the article and other more general topic questions.

The admission decision

A final committee determines the admission decisions which takes into account both the evaluation of the application form and the appreciation of the interview panel. They meet in Paris on a rolling basis each year between February and June.