International undergraduate admissions for the 2018 intake are now closed. Admissions for the 2019 intake will open in October 2018.

How to apply

Preparing your application online

Applications for admission at undergraduate level via the international procedure are only possible to be made online. In order to access your application, you need to choose a username (your e-mail address) and a password.

Please do not create more than one account as this may lead to errors being made in the processing of your application. If you lose your password, it is easy to create a new one.

Please note that it is normal to experience a wait of up to two hours before receiving the activation link.  If this is the case, avoid contacting us regarding this issue between the given time frame. Thank you for your understanding.

You must fill in the application online and click ‘save’ after filling in each section. It is possible, at any time, to modify what you have completed, that is until you definitively submit the application.

You are strongly advised to fill in the document yourself.

First of all, you need to choose a programme and a campus. You may choose one or two programmes. Should you choose two programmes, please indicate them in your order of preference (choice 1 = preferred). You must also indicate if you do not wish to make a second choice by ticking the box at the bottom of the programme listing. If that is the case your application will be reviewed for one programme only.

Please check the language level requirements for each programme.

Please make sure to use the email-address you used as log in for your application form whenever you contact us.

Submitting your application

Do not wait until the very last day to submit your application. As soon as your application is ready, submit it.

To be eligible for assessment, your application must be complete and submitted before the deadline for the programme to which you are applying whilst also respecting the deadlines for scholarships. If you wish to be invited to a particular interview session, you must submit your application at least six weeks before the date of the session. 

Your application cannot be submitted if there are compulsory fields which have not been filled in.

When you have submitted your application, you will be able to access your ‘espace candidat’ in which you will be able to follow the status of your application. Wait at least ten days before contacting us if you see that the status of your application has not changed. We need time to process each application.

ATTENTION! Once you have submitted your application, it is not possible to modify it.  We are able to access the information inputted by you, but unable to make any changes to it.  You therefore need to take extreme care before submitting the information. Nevertheless, you may attach other documents after submission, but be sure to do this before the deadline of the programme to which you are applying. If the application is not complete and submitted before the deadline, we will be unable to process it.

The information that you have inputted, in particular your family name, first name and address will appear in the same format that you have used in the application (uppercase, lowercase letters etc.)

To access your ‘espace candidat’, go to the same web address as the one for your online application and enter the same username and password.

If you come from a country using the CEF procedure, please note that you cannot apply to Sciences Po through their system. In order to apply to Sciences Po, please follow the instructions on this website.

Application fee

The application fee of €100 is non-refundable. You must pay by credit card. If you are unable to pay online, please contact us for a wire transfer.

We do not offer fee waivers, unless you have a refugee status. In that case, please contact us and attach the official proof of your refugee status.

Please note: paying the application fee does not mean that your application form has been submitted. Make sure to submit your application form.


If you require a visa to enter France, we advise you to begin to apply for this early as the process can be very lengthy.

Outcome of your application

To find out whether you have been accepted, log on to your ‘espace candidat’. The outcome will be published after the admissions panel has met.