A College experience at Sciences Po

The Sciences Po Undergraduate College is open to students who have graduated from secondary school (baccalaureat or equivalent foreign diploma). The College offers a multidisciplinary education in the social sciences with a strong international focus. After three years of study, students are awarded a Bachelor's degree (240 ECTS credits).

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Two years in France and one year abroad

The Undergraduate College offers a three-year degree programme. Students spend the first two years in France on one of Sciences Po's seven multicultural campuses, and the third year abroad.

An undergraduate programme in the social sciences

The Undergraduate College offers a common core curriculum in the social sciences and courses specialised by region (North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe). These courses are complemented by artistic, literary and scientific disciplines.

A multilingual programme

French and English are the two main working languages at Sciences Po and more than 25 languages are taught. Students who do not speak French can study at Sciences Po in one of the English programmes.

Dual degree programmes

Sciences Po has set up dual degree programmes with prestigious universities around the world. In four years of study, students earn both the Sciences Po degree and that of the partner university.