Admissions for the 2018 intake are now closed. Admissions for the 2019 intake will open in October 2018. 

International graduate admissions : required documents

Documents to be attached to your application

  • CV/Résumé
  • Official academic transcript(s) for the entirety of your time in higher education (including periods spent abroad on exchange programmes). Your academic transcripts must be included in the original language version accompanied, where necessary, by an official or informal translation in French or in English (English compulsory for Dual degree programmes).
  • Two academic references. Please note that certain programmes require one or two professional references in addition to the academic ones.
  • Language Test certificate (where applicable)
  • Certificate(s) of secondary (high school) education (where applicable, to be exempted of the French proficiency test, or the English proficiency test)
  • Undergraduate/Postgraduate dissertation(s) (optional)
  • Articles or other texts which you have written or published (where applicable)

Please note: incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration.

Specific documents to be attached

For the following programmes, please attach the documents as requested :

  • Applicants from UK: 2:1 Upper Second Class Honours. You need to attach an official university certificate predicting that you are likely to obtain your diploma with upper second class honours. If your university does not provide you with a 2.1 certificate, you can ask your university to provide you a document stating that they do not deliver prediction certificates.
  • Doctoral Programme in Economics (Thesis): GRE certificate (compulsory)
  • Master in Economics: GRE certificated (recommended)
  • Applicants for the Master in Urban Planning: please check the list of specific documents on the website of the Urban Planning Programme

Dual degrees programmes: specific requirements

  • Dual degree with Bocconi Università: GRE, GMAT or Bocconi test (for Bocconi students)
  • Dual degree with SIPA Columbia: the GRE or the GMAT certificates
  • Dual degree with Stockholm School of Economics: A verified GMAT score of at least 600 or a GRE test score of at least 155 (quantitative) with a recommended score for analytical writing (either test) of 4.5 or higher (exception can be made for SSE students, please contact
  • Dual degree with Georgetown University: copy of a Law degree deeming you eligibible for the Bar exam of the country where the degree was obtained.  
  • Dual degree with the University of Pennsylvania: copy of your Law degree
  • Dual degree with MGIMO: Non native Russian speakers need to attach to their application a motivation letter written in Russian in a Word form.

More information on the language of the supporting documents for dual degree programmes.

GRE Sciences Po institutional code: 0816

Personal statement

The personal statement must be written directly in the space provided in the online application form. You may draft the letter in a Word document first and then copy/paste it to the space in the application.

The statement must be written in the language of instruction of the programme. If you are applying for a dual degree programme, please write at least one paragraph in one of the other language of the programme (i.e. English, German, Russian). If you are applying for more than one programme, please explain each choice in a separate statement.


In order to ensure treatment of your application, it is your responsibility to confirm that we receive all of the required documents no later than the deadline of the programme or scholarship.

A complete application consists of you submitting your application along with all of the required documents, including language tests and reference letters. Once validated, your application will be processed for completion, if all documents are present it will then be passed to evaluation at which point no other documents will be accepted unless otherwise requested.

Important information

Requested documents may take upto 15 business days to be processed. Any and all updates regarding the status of your application will be communicated to you.

Complete applications will be processed and assessed first. Applicants who have completed their application will therefore receive the admission decision sonner.

You must include your academic transcript in the original language version accompanied, where necessary, by an official or informal translation in French or in English (English compulsory for Dual degree programmes).

You must include a CV in French or English, according to the language of the programme for which you apply, except for the dual degree programmes for which all required documents must be submitted in English.

Practical information

You may attach several documents to your application. The attached files must be in PDF format and cannot be bigger than 2 Mo. For ease of assessment, we request that you name each attached file, in English or in French (for example: Baccalaureate results, CV, transcript).

Avoid sending any documents by regular mail and never send any originals as they will not be returned.

If you wish to attach one or several of your essays, please do so by attaching the first page with the name of the essay, the introduction, the conclusion and the table of contents (2 Mo maximum).

Your local TOEFL center might ask you for Sciences Po's institutional code in order to transfer us your test results confidentially. This code number is 0695.

Please attach the required documents in PDF format. Use free software to combine or compress your PDF documents.