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Website accessibility

This site meet the French official accessibilty baseline (RGAA 3.0). The declaration of conformity is available here: declaration of conformity RGAA 3.0 (en français, PDF, 70Ko).

Quick links

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Unavailable content and right to compensation

The website includes one document that does not comply with the accessibility web standards: the user guide in PDF "Information Systems - Updating your security information".

You can get an accessible version of the documents or information that would be contained therein by emailing indicating the name of the document concerned and / or information you may require.

The information requested will be sent to you shortly.

Défenseur des droits

Should you not get access to some content or functionality on this website and did not receive an answer from us in a timely fashion, you may file a complaint at:

Le défenseur des droits
7 rue Saint-Florentin
75409 Paris cedex 08
Téléphone : 09 69 39 00 00
Contact "Le défenseur des droits" via the online form