RSS feeds

Keep up on what’s happening on your favorite sites

What is it? What is it for?

An RSS feed is a file which is automatically generated to present the newest content on a website. Feeds are particularly useful for following current events sites and blogs, since they present the titles of the latest information available online. You no longer need to go to the site to find the articles published since your last visit: the feed provides you with a list of the most recent content, in reverse chronological order, with a link to access the full text.

Does the site I visit have an RSS feed?

Look for an icon on the websites you frequent. For example, the site “Digital resources” has a feed, available at the bottom of the page.

You can subscribe to the entire page or choose from among the page’s headings, according to what the site administrator has set up. The feeds can then be organized on an RSS page.

Your RSS feed reader

You will need a feed reader, or “aggregator”. There are several different types:

  1. Online readers bring together the content of your various feeds on a personal page, linked to an account that you personalize, i.e. Netvibes, iGoogle, etc.
  2. Some web browsers have an integrated RSS feed reader (i.e. Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox).
  3. Chrome proposes a free extension you have to install.
  4. Locally installed aggregators: see the relevant Wikipedia article or your favorite computer magazine.

Staff members, use your web browser.

How to subscribe to a feed

If you have a feed reader installed, a simple right click on the feed icon will subscribe you to the feed (follow the instructions of your feed reader).

Firefox and Internet Explorer have built-in mechanisms for subscribing to and reading RSS feeds.


  1. “Bookmark This Page" menu: Firefox automatically indicates that the page has a feed when the “Subscribe to This Page” menu is available.
  2. Activate this menu on the site to which you wish to subscribe: a window will open, suggesting a title for the feed (you can change it) and the storage location.
  3. You must determine the storage location, for example by creating a new folder dedicated to feeds in your favorites (“Choose” > “New folder”).

Internet Explorer

  1. The feed icon is shown in orange if the page offers an RSS feed. Click on the icon and select the name of the feed. Internet Explorer will display the feed’s page.
  2. Activate “Subscribe to this feed”. You can change the name of the feed.
  3. It will be automatically placed in your feeds, accessible through the “Favorites” menu, “Feeds” tab.