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Accessibility: from the outset and throughout the management of a project

When creating a website or application, accessibility must be front and center from the very outset and at every moment, as well as on the part of everyone working on the project.

French standards for site certification

In France, two older reference standards (Accessiweb and RGAA) were combined in 2015 to create RGAA V3, the current national standard. Sciences Po <orks on the basis of level double A, the level recommended by the European Union).

Accessibility of office documents

Organizations in France

Raising awareness, training, support, certification:

  • Braillenet (FR):  a French non-profit organization founded in 1998 to promote digital accessibility, especially for the visually impaired, member of W3C since 2010. Braillenet hosts the Institute for Digital Accessibility (FR).
  • Accessiweb Resource Center (FR): born out of Braillenet, the center’s work revolves around four aspects: standards, training, certification, and research projects.
  • The company Atalan (FR) produces guidelines and makes them available online (creating accessible PDFs, accessibility by professional specialization, etc.)
  • The company Temesis (FR) was our partner in making this site accessible. 
  • Atalan and Temesis also offer support for accessible website and application projects.