Measuring cross-border practices in Europe

Measuring cross-border practices in Europe

Call for Papers
5 october 2014
  • Panneau Italia à Menton - photo : MPD01605 (via Flickr) CC-by-sa-2.0Panneau Italia à Menton - photo : MPD01605 (via Flickr) CC-by-sa-2.0

22nd International Conference of Europeanists (Paris, Sciences Po)

July 8 - 10, 2015

Professor Ettore Recchi (OSC) & Doctor Anne Unterreiner (OSC)

Cross-border practices taking place in Europe have attracted the interest of social scientists from different disciplines and methodological traditions. In a context of increasing globalization and Europeanization, they have been the focus of research covering such diverse topics as identifications, lifestyles, consumption, occupational mobility, migrations, sociopolitical organizations and movements, the media, public policies, and others. Existing studies deal with differing units of analysis (states, organizations, individuals) and adopt different theoretical conceptualizations (transnationalism, cosmopolitanism, denationalization, horizontal Europeanization).

Some of these concepts tend to be stretched out and poorly operationalized. Moreover, much of this literature is either purely theoretical or case-oriented. Empirical studies relying on comparative or multinational analyses are, in fact, relatively rare and insufficiently connected. This does not aid generalizations. To map out historical and geographical variations of cross-border practices proves to be especially challenging. Finally, we do not know to what extent these practices characterize Europe or how they compare to cross-border practices in other world regions.

In this panel, we aim at discussing studies on cross-border practices and their microand macro effects. The panel shall gather scholars from different disciplines and approaches that share a common grounding in empirical analyses carried out in Europe or comparing Europe to other world regions. Historical, or at least diachronic, studies of the issues at stake are particularly welcome. Thanks to this exchange, we expect to draw a full-blown picture of the scope, impact and trends of cross-border practices in contemporary Europe.


Interested participants are invited to send a paper abstract (250 digits max) by October 5, 2014 to: anne.unterreiner(at)

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