ERC Work Programme 2015

ERC Work Programme 2015

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The European Research Council main activity is to provide excellent european research through many funding schemes. "Research funded by the ERC is expected to lead to advances at the frontiers of knowledge and to set a clear and inspirational target for frontier research across Europe".

The subjects are "open", all the fields can be elligible. "The ERC frontier research grants aim to empower individual researchers and provide the best settings to foster their creativity".
The excellence is managed by renowned scientists helped by experts, during the peer review selection process.

Independant researchers (investigators) and teams can apply for long-term funding (5 years).

The variety of Grants allows to target different types of researchers: Starting Grant (junior, PhDs + 2-7 years), Consolidator (senior, 7/12 years after the PhD), Advanced (established) and Proof of Concept (marketable innovation).
The Starting Grants awarded will be up to 1 500 000 €. This amount is increased to 2 000 000 € for the Consolidator Grants and 2 500 000 € for Advanced Grants. 

Main calls' planning (indicative - see the official website):

Starting Grant - 7 October 2014 to 3 Februray 2015
Consolidator Grant - 13 November 2014 to 12 March 2015
Advanced Grant - 10 February 2015 - 2 June 2015
Proof of Concept Grant - 7 November 2014 - 1 October 2015.

European Research Council
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