Andrew Zola

Doctorant en sociologie - PhD Student
  • Andrew Zola (CRIS)Andrew Zola (CRIS)

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Sujet de thèse - Dissertation Title

Welfare Attitudes and Common Sense through Crises: The Sociological Basis of the Political Economy

Directeur de thèse - Thesis Director: Emanuele Ferragina (Sciences Po - CRIS)

Financement - Funding: Contrat doctoral Sciences Po


  • 2023 (with Emanuele Ferragina, Marta Pasqualini & Ettore Recchi), "Understanding public attitudes during Covid-19 in France with Polanyi and Gramsci: a political economy of an epidemiological and economic disaster", Comparative European Politics, Published 20 November. Available on Springer Link
  • 2021 (with Emanuele Ferragina), "The End of Austerity as Common Sense? An experimental analysis of public opinion shifts and class dynamics during the Covid-19 crisis", New Political Economy, Published online 20 July. Available online on Taylor & Francis portal
  • 2021 (with Emanuele Ferragina, Marta Pasqualini, Ettore Recchi), "Who cares about health and the economy through the Covid-19 pandemic? Longitudinally tracking changes and heterogeneity in people’s perceptions of risks", SocArXiv. Available online
  • 2020 (with Emanuele Ferragina), "An Obituary for Austerity Narratives? An Experimental Analysis of Public Opinion Shifts and Class Dynamics during the Covid-19 Crisis", MaxPo Discussion Paper, n° 20/5. Available online
  • 2020 (with Jen Schradie, Emanuele Ferragina, Marta Pasqualini, Ettore Recchi, Mirna Safi, Nicolas Sauger, Katharina Tittel), "The Covid Year in France: A Tale of Two Lockdowns", CoCo - Coping with Covid-19, policy brief n° 5. Available online
  • 2020 (with Mirna Safi, Philippe Coulangeon, Emanuele Ferragina, Olivier Godechot, Emily Helmeid, Stefan Pauly, Ettore Recchi, Nicolas Sauger, Jen Schradie, KatharinaTittel, Andrew Zola, « La France confinée. Anciennes et nouvelles inégalités », In: Marc Lazar, Guillaume Plantin, Xavier Ragot (eds.), Le Monde d’Aujourd’hui : Les sciences sociales au temps de la Covid, Presses de SciencesPo, p. 95-116.
  • 2020 (with Ettore Recchi, Emanuele Ferragina, Olivier Godechot, Emily Helmeid, Stefan Pauly, Mirna Safi, Nicolas Sauger, Jen Schradie, Katharina Tittel), "Living through Lockdown: Social Inequalities and Transformations during the COVID-19 Crisis in France",  CoCo - Coping with Covid-19, policy brief n° 1. Available online

Communications - Presentations

  • (with Ettore Recchi), "Do You Think You Stand Where You Actually Stand? the Interplay of Subjective and Objective Social Status in Nine Industrialized Countries (2002-2018)",  XX ISA World Congress of Sociology, Melbourne, June 26


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